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But, Did He Vote for Hillary Clinton?
By Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is an associate of William Rapier, so his pieces are being tagged under To The Point. Welcome aboard, Andrew.

When the news broke of the mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida, the usual fuckers of the dribbling class could not restrain themselves. This just had to be a crazy White guy, a Trump voter. Please god, oh great lesbian in the sky, make it so. Haven’t we suffered enough after queen bee Hillary being cheated from her game of thrones by that billionaire? Give us a break.

But this was not to be so. That Esteban Santiago was a former Iraq War soldier looked promising. But then the news got worse. Sure, he was Hispanic, but in a pinch, the lying fake/false news media could push the “he’s White’ line, like was done with Ferguson. Even being crazy was not a problem. But the Islamic terrorist link was. It seems shooter had walked into the FBI office in Anchorage in November, 2016, and said that the US government was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos. He was let go. I find this ironic, as I came close to being arrested once when I tried to stop my ex-wife and daughter from killing each other. The cops assumed that the big White guy just had to the culprit, and while they were about to cuff me, the women almost killed each other.

I wonder how long it will be before something really big happens, like a dirty nuke set off in one of our cities. If it did happen, my guess is that the media would still try to blame, angry White guys.

The West is in free fall:

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