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The Urban League Murderbowl
A Call for A Meaningful Contest in Determining Americas Deadliest City

Bodies Down, Street Cred Up: Baltimore isn't getting its due: A Heads Up from our UK Correspondent in Kansas

Thanks for the books, James.

BTW, I'm sure the Mulattress is a member of the Mulatto Mafia:

-UK Correspondent in Kansas

The Urban League

Thank you UKCK.

Jeremy already got into it a little over the Baltimore-Chicago hit count.

I have the answer: The Urban League.

There are three weight classes and the pound-per-pound rating.

Lightweight Division: Under 500,000 Inhabitants, places such as Flint, Camden

Middleweight Division: 500,000-999,999 inhabitants, places such as Baltimore

Heavyweight Division: 1 million and more inhabitants, Chicago, New York

Pound-per-pound: The FBI has this covered in their deaths per 100,000.

The Pound-Per-Pound Standings for 2016 are:


St. Louis 59.3

Baltimore 51.2

Detroit 44.9

New Orleans 44.5

Cleveland 35.0

Newark, N.J. 33.0

Memphis, Tenn. 31.9

Chicago 27.9

Kansas City, Mo. 26.4

Atlanta 23.9

More importantly, how do you win in your weight class:

Dindus killed = 1 point

Palefaces killed = 25 points

Cops killed = 50 points [Hello, Dallas!]

So, if you want to enter your city for the 2016 Urban League championship, crunch the numbers and send in your entry. This is simple addition so that the Dindus of Wilmington will be able to enter their city without going to Colin’s house and asking to borrow his calculator.

Show us what Yo Shitcago Shooters got, Jeremy.

I’ll get to work on the Harm City Hoodrats score.

Late the race war begin!

Who, is, deadliest!

Books by James LaFond

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