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Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death
for Charleston Church Massacre

Since he was tried and convicted in federal  district court for violating the civil rights of his murder victims (murder isn’t a federal crime  except under the following circumstances: ), Roof will probably get the needle in the Federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. That’s where they carry out all the federal executions these days.

Jeremy, the question I have long had with the case of this sad-sack coward, who actually had a black friend who was shocked at his actions, was this:

Was he recruited by a federal agent of one of our alphabet soup covens of evil to perpetrate this mission in order to ramp up the racial tensions and further the cause of anarcho-tyranny?


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Sam J.January 14, 2017 11:24 PM UTC

I would say no conspiracy in this case because...he got caught. The government makes sure no one gets caught.

"...Nat Turner and John Brown"

You forgot Charles Manson.
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 11, 2017 2:07 PM UTC

Good question James. Was Dylan Roof a dupe recruited by conspirators within our government? It's possible, anything is possible. On the one hand the murders ARE the type of crime an agent provocateur might instigate to stir up paranoia in the black community, aren’t they? The crime does serve perfectly to convince many in the black community that racist whites are out to murder them and therefore they need the protection of a benevolent Democrat Party run government that will keep the racist whites under control. On the other hand, these murders ARE ALSO exactly the kind of crime a lunatic with a grievance would commit. Insane mass murderers kill their victims for crazy reasons, but at the same time they are typically very logical and methodical in how they select their victims. They pick people who they expect can't or won't fight back. Like the Christian church people who were Roof's victims. Much as people hate the cops you seldom hear of somebody walking into a police station and shooting the place up. We all know how that ends. Also wanting to start a race war, like Roof said he did, is a peculiar American form of madness. Has been for years. It goes way back to include individuals like Nat Turner and John Brown, doesn't it? America's racial differences are just such an obvious flash point for conflict. If you're unhappy and want to watch the world burn what better way to make that happen than by starting a race war? On that account it's a wonder that America has held together as long as it has and even managed to prosper as much as it did. Historically democracies don't last long; multi-ethnic countries don't last long either. The fact that Roof had a black friend is a big “so what”, to me. He lived in South Carolina after all, so how could he avoid having black friends, neighbors and acquaintances? In all these cases the mass murderer's friends and neighbors always act shocked and say that they didn't have a clue he would do such a thing. Right! He probably talked about it frequently, but people just didn't believe he was serious. Who would take a dweeb who looked like Dylan Roof seriously? Then after the fact they don't want to admit to such knowledge for fear of having blame assigned to them, naturally. Like the Case of John David Stutts: Personally I discount most conspiracy theories simply because people won't keep their mouths shut, especially in America. Eventually someone blabs. Even the Mafia couldn't make people keep quiet forever. So in my mind James, the government didn't have to concoct a secret plot to start a race war. All it had to do set the conditions for racial conflict (i.e. anarcho-tyranny) and let nature take its course. Sooner or later some disaffected underclass white would strike back against the injustice. I imagine the Leftists are actually surprised and disappointed that such white backlash isn’t happing much more often. Are today’s whites cowardly or just too smart and self-possessed to take the bait?