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Dueling Dindus OK, MMA Go Away
And The Race to Sanctify People of Color—Whites Implicitly Dehumanized to Facilitate the Great Paleface Hunt

Civil War Update

- It's On: MMA President Not Letting Meryl Streep's Nasty 'Not the Arts' Comment Slide

De gustibus non disputandum est (One should not argue about matters of taste). To each his own. Our Leftist social and political elites are unaccustomed to being challenged and disagreed with when they spout off. Now they’re going to find out what that’s like.


“The outreach in this country's political divide is almost always a one-way street. We don't see the wealthy, successful denizens of the entertainment industry making a friendly gesture to someone with an opposing view. It's more standard for them to call names and launch socially stigmatizing accusations rather than engage in a good-faith exchange of ideas.”

Obama Races to Overhaul (Emasculate) Police in Baltimore and Chicago Before Trump Era

Fear not Baltimore, Chicago…Whatever happens your police Force will be there to tape off the scene of the crime.





BALTIMORE — With just days until Donald J. Trump is sworn in as president, the Obama administration is making a last-minute push for police overhauls in two of the nation’s most violent cities, Baltimore and Chicago, where officers have been accused of routinely mistreating African-Americans.

In Chicago, where a city task force appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel concluded that “the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color,” the Justice Department is rushing to wrap up a sweeping investigation into police patterns and practices, prompted by the release of a chilling video that showed a white officer shooting a black teenager. The findings are expected to be released before Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

Read more of this toxic Decree at the link below


Mother of Three Killed in Crossfire by Dueling Dindus


Members of community wring hands, show concern, hold candle-light vigils.

War on Drugs Update

- Breaking Bad in Upscale Resort Hotel - Meth cook ignites inside hotel room, woman burned, man arrested


The meth cooks must have worn out their welcome at Motel 6.

“Police say a 35-year-old woman suffered first-degree burns to her upper body and face following a meth explosion inside her hotel room at The Cove. For unknown reasons, she ran to the nearby Mill Creek Hotel for help. Police connected her injuries to the explosion at The Cove. "We have seen meth cooks, but not at a hotel of that caliber," said Gritzner.”


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