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'Such an Union'
A Founding Father Credits 'six nations of ignorant savages' with an Example of Civilized Political Conduct

"It would be a strange thing if six nations of ignorant savages should be capable of forming a scheme for such an union [Iroquois Confederation] and be able to execute it in such a manner as that it has subsisted ages and appears indissoluble; and yet that a like union should be impracticable for ten or a dozen English colonies, to whom it is more necessary and must be more advantageous and who cannot be supposed to want an equal understanding of their interests."

-Benjamin Franklin

Franklin, Jefferson and the other keener minds of the Continental Conduct would also look to the Roman Republic as a model for the formation of their slave nation. However, they lacked a mythic, basis for their union, no Romulus and Remus, no Hiawatha and Deginawida. The colonies were founded as administrative frameworks for plantations of humans to convert natural resources into wealth while claiming new lands via occupation. For this reason later historians would mythologies the brutal pilgrims, the vapid Washington—being such a blank slate he made a fitting canvas to paint upon—and the Founding Fathers themselves, who, as group, have long held cult status in the American ethos.

Displacement politics was at the core of the political machinery of this social model, inspired by the enclosure acts in England and continuing to express itself in laws of imminent domain, federalization of lands, sale of water right to foreign interests from under the very feet of Americans, and refugee resettlement programs that favors the placement of those peoples least willing and able to assimilate, as this is guaranteed to facilitate displacement.

Paleface, once you've bought your land, don't you know that's its no longer worth a nickel to the bankers until you can be driven from it and a new sale might be financed?

Make room!

Unfortunately, while Rome had a mythic beginning, as did the Iroquois Confederation, America's roots were sunk in human exploitation and human displacement. Making money was the religion of this nation before it was a nation and that sense of limitless entitlement, best characterized by current black American ethics, is what drove Manifest Destiny and now off shore manufacturing and forced immigration. Even as they signed their Articles of Confederation the Founding Fathers were also intent on increasing the importation of a slave population that would never be able to integrate with the European population without degrading it. The decisive wedge that would prevent a single American consciousness from ever developing was being driven into the very belly of the nation as it was being formed.

The whites managed to displace and largely replace the Native Americans.

Now whites are the new Native Americans, facing the logical conclusion of the process that was set underway at Jamestown and Plymouth some 400 years ago, economic displacement and cultural negation.

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