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'The Smiling Black Guy on the Brochure’
Good Riddance Posted on January 11, 2017 by thezman

Thus far the zman has painted a more accurate parting portrait of the current President than I have read elsewhere. I do differ in my assessment of Obama’s importance. Indeed, while I absolutely agree with the zman in terms of the face Obama put on the presidency, I believe that Obama is the most important American president since FDR and while falling short of that great and evil man’s accomplishments, has made the next great step toward the dissolution of the United States as the police department for a Global Super State. This one smiling man has done more to divide this country than all of the preceding presidents combines, which I argue is no small feat. He has fallen short somewhat in facilitating globalism, but that ultimate goal can only be realized by a succession of presidents in service to their globalist banking masters.

One final thing I might add, before encouraging you to read the zman’s view on our soon to be late and not great Criminal-and-Chief, is that no “lame duck” president has worked so hard fighting a rearguard action against the incoming president than has Obama, who seems as intent on poisoning the wells of state as the Cossacks retreating before the Napoleon’s army in 196 years ago were in poisoning the wells of Mother Russia to deny the hated enemy sustenance—the first Scorched Earth President.

If I Were King: This Guy Would Handle the Details

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Sam J.January 12, 2017 5:48 PM UTC

We must give him credit for not attacking Iran. Immense pressure was put on him to do so. Everything else he screwed up but give credit where credit id due.