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'Leftist Elites Eat Their Own Young'
Vivica A. Fox Miscalculates Her Position in the Politically Correct Pecking Order - Forced to Apologize for Saying Gay Men

...Not Welcome at Her All-Male Strip Club.

It’s always fun to see the Leftist Social elites eat their own young. Hey I can dig it Vivica, this is girl's night out. The ladies want a safe-space to get their freak on. Right? They don’t want to be made to feel self-conscious and/or be upstaged by exhibitionist gay males. Semi-colon however coma Gays trump even black straight women in the PC grievance hierarchy of needs. So Vivica, you missed a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut and just nod your head in agreement as far as the Leftist Social Justice Warriors are concerned.

Political Correctness is like poison gas, it won’t stop being used unless and until both sides become afraid it will be used against them. Otherwise so long as just one side gets to use the nasty weapon to silence their enemy, they’ll keep using it.

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