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Drinking Companion Combat Characteristics
Socializing in Bad Places #3

Eugene, first, before going out to socialize in a bad place—perhaps to talk a crackhead relative into going into rehab, or just going slumming in the old neighborhood—you need to develop your Bad Actor Profile.

Baltimore Bad Actor Matrix

9 in 10 bad actors act in groups, including pairs of cops, trios of muggers, packs of hoodrats, etc.

1 in 10 are individuals, either cops or loners who are either insane, large strong-arm types or lone armed individuals, more likely with a knife than a gun. Guns usually come with pairs.

9 in 10 bad actors are black

1 in 10 bad actors are either lone or paired white cops or paired or packed Latinos

Whether you are white or black or Latino your attacker is most likely black, so let’s break down that aggressor category.

Black Bad Actor Matrix

19 in 20 act in a group

1 in 20 act alone and tend to be highly opportunistic and easily warded off by vigilant, masculine behavior.

3 in 10 have knives

1 in 10 are, or pretend to be, armed with a handgun

4 in 20 are armed with makeshift blunt weapons, these weapons rarely being present in groups less than five strong.

Combat Art of Your Companion

In case you have sought a man based on his fighting ability, or you know him to be a fighter of some sorts and are not sure what that probably translates to, I will cover that subject based on how a person’s engagement in combat training relates to your goal, which is deterrence and avoidance, not combat. Generally speaking, trained fighters who have not actually competed in some kind of all out fight, and have not been called upon to defend themselves against a criminal attack, have an urge to prove themselves, which is quite natural. This causes a dichotomy in terms of functional survival fighting ability and willingness to engage, as those arts that stress practical self-defense tend to be arts which discourage full-contact sparring and all out competition, leaving the practitioner with a nagging sense of doubt and an eagerness to prove himself.

Below is a brief profile of typical street survival mindsets of fighters from different arts, along with an "asshole" percentage. The asshole percentage reflects the ratio of head-cases you can expect from those who practice such a discipline. This may have varied expressions, from sadism, to over aggression, to a stupid willingness to fight rather than avoid bad actors. The rates of hyper-aggressive behavior on the part of various types of trained civilian combatants are rough estimates based on my decades of training, working and recreating with such people.

Normal, irrational human aggression among males is 30%.

Modern suburban whites have fallen to less than 10%.

Urban blacks demonstrate a 75% rate of irrational aggression across the sexes.

Note that aggression can be good at the right time—controlled aggression, not irrational uncontrolled, aggression. Ideally you want a companion who is a total badass who does not ever get angry, never raises his voice and looks at everything tactically, not emotionally and flows easily in and out of combat.

Do not socialize with people who are easily roused to anger.

Do socialize with people who keep their cool under stress and are able to impose their will on antagonists, either by physical means or more subtle ways—the latter characteristic usually being dependent on first developing the former.

When I use the term flow below I am discussing the emotional hurdles that a fighter type generally faces in making contact outside of his training or competition format. This is not an assessment of how good such arts are for survival, but how likely those who practice them are to engage in mutual combat or decline to take precautions against predation as a means of inviting an attack [assholes], and how stressful it is [flow] for such fighters to translate their gym and ring experience into real action in a criminal predation or asshole brawling situation.

1. Instructor level people in all combat disciplines tend to minimize their use of force due to the moderating feature of their teaching/coaching function, there advanced age and their increased responsibility. The asshole matrix here is 10%

2. Karate, kung fu, all the levitating empty hand arts of the orient tend to ingrain a desire to prove oneself on the street, as this setting is the focus of the training. Flow to contact is usually hesitant and/or abrupt. The asshole matrix here is typically 20%, less among senior instructors, worse among junior instructors.

3. Wrestlers tend to flow easily into contact situations but have a high level of head cases as well. A wrestler is more likely to punch a confrontational antagonist than a boxer is. 20% assholes.

4. Judo Jiu-Jitsu people [who have competed] tend to flow into contact as well as wrestlers and be more rational and tactical than the usually confrontational wrestler. 10% assholes.

5. MMA jocks tend to flow most quickly into contact than any type and are aggressively much like wrestlers, which they often are. 30% assholes.

6. Survival based MMA practitioners type more like the jiu-jitsu men in viewing avoidance and a tactical end game, rather than an emotional battle. You usually get an easier low-impact flow into contact. 10% assholes.

7. Boxers tend to be paranoid about being shot or stabbed and are usually more willing to leave the scene, with the minimal contact required. Their flow into contact will tend to be the most abrupt, with most using sucker punches. However, when you get a boxer who is an asshole, he’s a real asshole and often ends up shot of stabbed. 10% assholes of the most reeking kind.

8. Weaponry practitioners, whether they are FMA blade-based people or people who have qualified with hand guns, tend to have the closest to zero asshole percentage and spend more time assessing possible danger than any other type. Overall, learning about weapons in a hands-on setting tends to limit the desire to engage in violence. Less than 10% assholes.

Basically, Eugene, most trained fighters of any kind are less likely to get needlessly physical in a bad situation than your typical person, who types at 30%. [And the typical person is probably not good at violence.] You are looking at people who range from normal to below normal when it comes to willingness to get physical outside of their training-competition context, partially because they know the dangers [that there is no sure thing in combat] more than others and partially because they realize that the successful combatant in our society is by definition the bad guy, and they don’t want to be the bad guy, especially when that means legal action against them for committing the worst crime a man in Modern America can commit: defending himself or his companions.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.January 15, 2017 3:59 AM UTC

I love this stuff. I've never seen this kind of information anywhere. It's very rare. I'm not sure anyone on planet Earth but you has ever quantized this sort of information. Thanks.

"...Guns usually come with pairs..."

I wonder why that is. Logically it would seem the lone travelers would be more likely to have guns. Maybe have a look out for the gun holder as having a gun steps things up a bit.

"...4 in 20 are armed with makeshift blunt weapons, these weapons rarely being present in groups less than five strong..."

Don't get this either. Maybe packs allow them to think they can carry them and scatter if the cops come.

I haven't heard much talk about this but I believe the reason crime is going up is we're letting Blacks out of prison again. Back in the day around Regan's term or shortly after people had just had it with the constant crime and decided to just lock everyone the fuck up and leave them there no matter what. No more, he had a hard life stories. Well the he had a hard life stories are back and crime is going up. We need to separate these people from us and leave them in the desert to work on my permaculture desert bloom project. At they would be doing something useful.

"...Urban blacks demonstrate a 75% rate of irrational aggression across the sexes..."

That number is super high. I wonder how you would rate Blacks over all? 40%? That's the number of Blacks that generally get in trouble with the law. The left uses this number to shame Whites (oh Blacks are picked on so bad that 40% go to jail) but they're too stupid to know that Whites with common sense know that these are good markers for aggression and we use these numbers to keep score.
responds:January 15, 2017 4:17 PM UTC

I am answering these questions in the form of articles, Sam.