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“Sexual Assistance” Welfare
Masculinist Update - German Green Party To Offer “Sexual Assistance” Welfare

“Don't worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.”

-Winston Churchill

“There will be two sets of people. One will oppose this, slightly bothered by the moral implications, bothered by the waste of resources, and just generally feeling that it is wrong somehow. The other type will furrow their brow, contemplate the idea, and think it has some merit. “Why not?”

  Yeah, why not? You need food, you need clothing, you need shelter AND you need an active sex life to be happy and feel good about yourself, right? There’s a lot of men who will never be able to have consensual sex unless they can buy it. Most people in our society look at an adult male virgin as a ridiculous loser, don’t they? The people who run the Mustang Ranch and other legal brothels in Nevada when interviewed have made the observation that many of their customers are just sad, lonely guys looking for some female companionship. And what if the dude doesn’t have the money to buy the whore of his dreams? Well the state ought to provide it then, right? You could even expand this entitlement by making an argument that if a man wants a blowjob and his wife won’t give him one, shouldn’t the state stand ready to buy one for him, for the sake of maintaining domestic tranquility and preserving the institution of marriage?

  Outside of Nevada (excepting the counties containing Las Vegas and Reno), in the rest of the USA prostitution is still illegal. This is largely because American women want to maintain their monopoly on sex. Yes, they have willing allies in this in the country’s traditionally puritanical church people; however, the church people have much, much less influence than in the past. In fact many of our mainstream church organizations have been so thoroughly infiltrated by Leftist social justice warriors that they are no longer Christian. Certainly not the ones with gay women ministers Anything women are bothered and upset about get changed right away, doesn’t it? Like they say, the pastor can preach every Sunday against angry husbands, but he best not say a word about lazy wives.

This is also an illustration of why it is so hard to appose the socialist welfare nanny state once it gets established. You just can’t beat Santa Claus in a popularity contest. Dick Morris said that Bill Clinton once told him that the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that, while BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans support welfare for poor people, the Democrats want welfare for middle-class people too. That way the middle-class will become hooked on government benefits and accept them as their due. Then, like the poor, they can be forevermore expected to support the party who wants to continue giving them the benefits and oppose the party who wants to cut them back or take them away. This continues and escalates until the country runs out of money to throw away. Like Margret Thatcher said, eventually you run out of other people’s money to redistribute.

But hey, who could be against getting laid for free? What’s the harm?


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SidVicJanuary 17, 2017 1:25 AM UTC

I've had a court appionted attorney before. I would hate to see what a goverment provided hooker would look like. Guess i'm a capitalist after all.