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Golden Showers, Anyone?
By William Rapier

The latest attack on Donald Trump has been allegations that he engaged in rather unusual sex with Russian prostitutes: The document containing the claim was obtained by a pro-Hillary Clinton journalist, then worked its way to the uber-pathetic John McCain, you’ve-done-it-again, who had to, well, have a “leak.”

So, stop Trump becoming president, the Russians have something damaging on him! Oh, not any more, even if it was true. And there is, as usual no evidence for this:

If Trump was a Democrat raping his way across the country, or eating pizza while raping kiddies, and maybe even eating kiddies on his pizza, that would be normal. But, if its Trump, or anyone daring to challenge the globalist, then watch out!

The absurdity of the golden showers claim is, that no-one with the business sense of Trump would pay someone to piss over him, when the mainstream media will do it for free!

Trump needs to retaliate by launching a real investigation into pizzagate and Washington DC paedophile circles, and taking down the politicians and media scum involved in such horrors.

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