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The Sun is Ripping Itself Apart!
By William Rapier

Well, not exactly, but the Dailymail did run with that sort of headline:;

NASA has detected a vast coronal hole or fissure running across the entire face of the sun. this is generating, at present relatively mild geomagnetic storms, ranked G2, the lowest on the cosmic panic scale. Such storms are not sufficient to affect the power supply.

However, there is a school of thought that sees government efforts to protect from super geomagnetic storms, of a Carrington event level or higher, as inadequate. This hole in the sun thing is something out of the blue, and who the fuck knows what cosmic disasters could happen in the future.

We have enough trouble dealing with super storms on Earth, let alone having God, the great disabled lesbian in the sky, throwing turds of positive and negative charged particles at us. Imagine your city with lights out, no power, and all the boys coming out to play:

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