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Giving Axes a Bad Name
Armed Defense Under Anarcho-Tyranny Down Under By Eirik Bloodaxe

Everyone (that is all 10 of you) who had read my zombie apocalypse/collapse/doomsday book that was once on Kindle (coming out now updated, with Arktos in January), will know that as far as melee weapons go in the socialist shit-hole of a country where I serve my time, axes are my thing. You see, if you have a criminal record, which I have from fights in my ill-spent youth, you cannot own a firearm. Guns, even for good boys, are highly regulated, must be stored in a steel safe, and self-defense is no reason for having one. You can’t have semi-auto anything. In fact, Australians while technically having a legal right to self-defense, have no right to use a weapon, or possess one for self-defense purposes. The idea is for good citizens to be reduced to meat in harm city.

Here is an example. A father used a sjambok (a South African whip, probably the version made by Cold Steel), to defend his son and property from a gang of youth thugs who had invaded his home, and where six of them were savagely beating him up:

The New South Wales police at the time were considering prosecuting the father for excess force, even though he was being beaten up! If they had any of the punks come forward, they probably would have. The article says that although there is a right to self defense, one should leave it to the police. The father could have been killed before the boys ‘n’ girls in blue got there to fill out their report. So, America is not so bad after all, is it? In fact, most of South America has better self defense laws than us.

In most states, swords and all of the martial arts weapons you lucky Americans can play with are also highly regulated. After banning guns, the overlords worked their way down the weapons list, banning with gay abandon.

Axes, though, as a tool, had until now, got under the radar. But now, fuck, fuck, fuck – maybe even axes will be taken away from the soft fat baby hands of Aussies:

As this is a politically correct crime, I am hoping that the entire thing will be ignored. But, I am getting what regrowth of feral trees I can do done now before I have to do it with my teeth.

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PRJanuary 15, 2017 11:51 PM UTC


First of all, guns can be made in about a weekend. There are lots of books on the topic (PA LUty, Professor Parabellum, anything on the Weaponeer). Secondly, do you have to call the police? If you defend yourself and call them, aren't they part of the problem? If they won't let you defend yourself with a gun, they won't let you use a knife or anything else. They want you just to lay down and die so they can show up, write a report which will never be used in official statistics, and get to the bar after 'working' another day towards the pension you pay for.

Alternatives to calling the police need to be invented.