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The Ole’ One-Two Punch
Man Charged in Killing of Saudi Student That Rattled Small Town

The ole’ one-two punch did him in. The media tried to turn this into an anti-Muslim hate crime festival, but they couldn’t. For some reason the local police chief and district attorney wouldn’t go along with that narrative. Even though this happened in a college town. Ah but it’s not over with yet , is it? Not ‘til the reigning U.S. Attorney General sings.


Jeremy, this is a textbook example of why a fit man should never punch a lone antagonist on pavement. I don't know what kind of head trauma caused this, but the point is there are too many ways to die from head trauma when fist fighting on pavement.


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PRJanuary 16, 2017 12:08 AM UTC

Why did he call the cops and 'cooperate?' He would've skated.