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Urban Aggression Reality
How Can 75% of Blacks be prone to Irrational Aggression?: A Man Question from Sam J.

Sam J responds to Drinking Companion Combat Characteristics

I haven't heard much talk about this but I believe the reason crime is going up is we're letting Blacks out of prison again. Back in the day around Regan's term or shortly after people had just had it with the constant crime and decided to just lock everyone the fuck up and leave them there no matter what. No more, he had a hard life stories. Well the he had a hard life stories are back and crime is going up. We need to separate these people from us and leave them in the desert to work on my permaculture desert bloom project. At [least] they would be doing something useful.

"...Urban blacks demonstrate a 75% rate of irrational aggression across the sexes..."

That number is super high. I wonder how you would rate Blacks over all? 40%? That's the number of Blacks that generally get in trouble with the law. The left uses this number to shame Whites (oh Blacks are picked on so bad that 40% go to jail) but they're too stupid to know that Whites with common sense know that these are good markers for aggression and we use these numbers to keep score.

-Sam J.

Why Are We Seeing More Black Violence?

Sam, all you need is some honest black ghetto friends to explain this.

Why are roughly 75% of urban blacks prone to irrational aggression and easily drawn into a fight?

Because all blacks, all, have been beaten, attacked or otherwise brutalized as children and youth. [In one survey over 90% of black female college students claimed to have been raped prior to entering college. Tommy Sotomayor talks on this cycle extensively.] I have never met a black person who had not been previously attacked by another black person.

I remember Oliver telling me about how shocked he was when he started working with white people that some white people had never actually been in a fight and that it was not common for white children to see their parents fighting in the street! He decided that going into business with whites was where it was at, as that partnership would negate the need to constantly beat the shit out of business partners and employees, to kick down doors in order to collect his money! Hell, the last time we got together he offered to pay for pizza because he had gotten 70$ worth of tips from customers who thought he was the poor black tech working for the business owner—when in fact he was The Man! I told him that if he wanted me to show up and chew him out like I was the white boss I’d split the extra guilt money with him! You can see the wonder in his eyes when he speaks of going from one group of people who fight over money to another that give you money for not being rude!

The reason why only about 40% of blacks go to jail, even though over 90% of them are actively violent at some point in their life is that they usually attack other blacks and no one—truly no one on planet earth—gives a damn about that!

We can chalk a lot of the current black on white violence up to the simple realization on the part of blacks that whites are no longer a protected group. The Baltimore City Police department, up until the early 1980s, trained officers by having them single out and beat down individual black men on the street, for no reason whatsoever. The purpose for this was to terrify blacks into leaving white people alone, because white people who got robbed and otherwise attacked demanded that the police do something, and of the many reasons for getting into the police department there are, police work has not been one of them. It’s mostly about being able to retire when you are in your forties. The message was, doing this to a black dude is okay, doing it to a cop or a white person is not. Black mothers have traditionally taught their boys how to cover their head while being beaten with a night stick.

That has gone away and what is Left is the intergenerational animus of blacks for whites, as they saw these police actions as a measure to protect whites, rather than as an effort to protect the police from having to serve their master’s white constituency. It was simpler, in a segregated society, to operate as a bully force rather than as an investigative unit. Now the police have stepped aside as if to say that they no longer protect whites and “now you all have some soft heads to crack with more money in the attached wallet.”

Sam, it is now common for Alt-Right people to point at the current black-on-white violence epidemic and say that black Americans were hyper-violent from day one when they got shipped here as property, but the historical record of the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s emphatically disagrees, with the white lower class and Native Americans earmarked by all contemporary observers as the most rebellious and violent segments of society and blacks the most passive and easily ruled. I will go so far as to admit what most black people hold as common knowledge, that Blacks are more easily convinced to act out against their own self-interest than other groups of people and that black women are more violent than white men. Other than that, I see black violent behavior in urban America as a socially engineered State asset, unleashed around the clock, in my hometown so that law abiding citizens will demand more police, bigger government, more laws and bigger prisons.

It’s how a mob is really used to rule—nothing but a poorly-spoken, collective, human tool.

40,000 Years from Home

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Sam J.January 17, 2017 10:59 PM GMT+4

Thanks. I'm at the point where I don't a damn why they're so violent I just want them away from me. We have whole cities, even regions where you can't just go about your business without being attacked. While I feel for their circumstances they can either control themselves or we as a society need to do so. In the end that would help them although I doubt they would see it that way.

I read about China and a lot stuff on how economies are advancing. I swear that Niggers are dragging the whole damn economy down with violence. You read about the unbelievable expansion of super fast trains, subways, all kinds of "public" advances in China. We can't have that in the US. The Niggers would throw stuff at the trains and terrorize the passengers so no one would ride them. They'd shit all in the seats and drive everything into the ground. They are seriously holding us back. Now if they wanted to just fuck their own world up we would leave them alone and the could live in their fucked up world but they won't do that because they're not capable of prospering that way. I don't think they really understand the huge backing up, damned wall of hatred they are creating. Tommy Sotomayor does, a few others do but think a lot are just obvious.

Back in the past there would riots where Whites would go into Black neighborhoods and start beating the shit out people and hanging a few. Now we're told that this was just evil Whites doing this for no reason. No, you can't fool me this was Whites fed up with Niggers stealing from the Whites and most of all attacking their Women. Attacking their Women was always good for a riot or two. We may have to go back to this model if the authorities refuse to do anything.