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Baltimore's Gervonta Davis
stops Jose Pedraza to win junior lightweight boxing title

Thank you, Jeremy, for sending this link.

I watched Gervonta box at a few amateur shows when he was tiny. He was so little that his coach would stand over him and hang the mitts down for him to punch. He's one of this kids that got wired to use his hands so early that he's operating in that exclusive time zone. It was difficult getting challenging fights for him as a kid. I think he beat the next best guy at his weight too many times to count. His coach, Calvin is a great guy and has had his "books before hooks" boxing program for almost two decades now. He doesn't know me, but once helped me with some pointers for one of my fighters at a show at a place called the Thunderdome, a heavy metal concert hall that served as a fight venue across the river in Brooklyn, MD.

He was a karate man and had a highly analytical view of boxing and has done more with standup stylistics than most Baltimore trainers, who tend to try and develop KO punchers, knowing that they are going to be out of town fighters. It takes a lot of confidence in your people to train classic boxers in a town like Baltimore, which is barely on the boxing map and puts pressure on fighters to be big punchers knowing that their breakthrough fights are going to be fought in the other guy's home town. Calvin is about the most positive force in Baltimore and his gym is one of its few non-corrupt institutions.

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