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Lights Out; Game Over
Solar Superstorms and the Coming Dark Age By William Dampier

Solar Superstorms will really fuck human techno-industrial civilization up.

An article has said that a huge solar Superstorm, like the one which hit the Earth in 1859, known as the “Carrington event,” has a 12 percent chance of hitting the Earth before the end of the decade:

Is this just bullshit? I did some internet research and found the scientific paper which generated the probability figure, so for all you who are scientifically inclined, knock yourself out: P. Riley, “On The probability of Occurrence of Extreme space Weather Events,” Space Weather vol. 10, 2012 I don’t know what the fuck a “dx.doi” is, but type it and you will get there.

The important thing for us to note is that the neo-Carrington event would destroy all unprotected electronics, computers, and the electric grid, and thus, through the almost instant collapse of civilization, plunge America, and most Western nations, back into the distant past, killing of at least 90 percent of the population The Walking Dead style:

From what I have read, although the authorities recognize that EMP is a problem, they are a bit slow getting off their unwiped anal holes to do something about this.

We should be concerned. Although the sun is in a good mood cycle at present, like a woman about to go on her rags, things could change, quickly. A massive solar storm which would have ended civilization narrowly missed the Earth on July 23, 2014. The Earth missed the sun’s coronal mass ejection – which I imagine to be like the Devil’s cum – a huge cloud of hot plasma – by only a week. The New York Post of July 24, 2014, ran the headline: “Solar Flare Nearly Destroyed Earth 2 years Ago: NASA” at:

Survivalists are well aware of all this and recommend getting the fuck out of cities, now, bugging out to their well-stocked ranches. And apart from hard-core, half-crazy preppers, plenty of rich cunts are getting out of Dodge now, not merely because of the possibility of an EMP, but because they see that economic collapse is inevitable and they need boltholes to protect their precious fannies (Australian meaning, please), and they want to live in post-apocalyptic style:

Nice if one has it. But, most of us are poor bastards, stuck in the cities, just struggling to survive. However, if you are a James LaFond kind of guy, dealing with things like global civilizational collapse should not be much of a problem. Put away what supplies and weapons you can afford to in your tiny apartment (I live in a friend’s shed, so storage is not a problem). Beef up on basic survival skills, and trekking gear. Here is a very good article to get you going:

James has written plenty of ball-tearing books on this too, so get your tentacles and beaks around these meaty treats and enjoy the approach of doomsday:

Books by James LaFond

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