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Multicultural Gang Warfare in Canada

Two B.C. men shot dead in Edmonton truck tied to South Asian gang war

Multicultural gang warfare in Canada. Now besides North American Indian gangs Canada has Asian Indian gangs. Canada also has oriental gangs, Somali gangs and various black gangs of West Indian extraction. White organized crime generally consists of the outlaw biker gangs and the Mafia, including the Calabrian Mafia, AKA The 'Ndràngheta (Italian pronunciation: [(n)ˈdraŋɡeta). The word is derived from Greek and translates loosely to a “defiant and valiant” attitude. The province of Calabria is in the toe of the Italian boot. The Ndrangheta is a very secretive organization with an estimated 6000 members worldwide.

Read "Mafia Enforcer” by Cecil Kirby and Thomas C. Renner. It is the biography of a Canadian outlaw biker who did extensive extortion work, bombings and arson for the Calabrian Mafia in Toronto during the 1970’s, before turning Crown’s evidence when he became suspicious that his former bosses intended to rub him out. Sort of a Canadian version of “The Valachi Papers”. An interesting story, well written. One of the more interesting rackets that Cecil Kirby, the outlaw biker, was involved in on behalf of the Calabrian Mafia was a “collection service” for construction contractors. There was quite a bit of construction in the greater Toronto area in the ‘70’s. Large contractors would hire sub-contractors to do part of the work on large expensive projects and then stiff them on the fee. The sub-contractor was placed in bind then without the cash flow to pay his own creditors. Legal remedies to get their money threatened to drag out in court and leave them bankrupt. So the Mafia boss would approach the subcontractors and offer to recover their money for them in return for a percentage. Then the boss would hire Kirby go to the dead beat contractor’s home at night and blow up his car in his driveway with dynamite. The boss then would send a message to the dead beat that the next time they would blow up the car with him in it if he didn’t pay what he owed. After which the dead beat promptly paid his just debt to the subcontractor and the boss collected his fee for service.

Nowadays it appears that all Canadian organized crime groups are heavily involved in drug trafficking. Just as their counterparts in the USA are.

Mixed Species Martial Arts

Rattlesnake's Surprise Attack On Kangaroo Rat Caught On High-Speed Camera

University of California, Riverside released remarkable footage of a rattlesnake attacking a kangaroo rat.

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