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‘A Three Year Servant’
Making Off to ‘The Jerseys’

January 14, 1752

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Run away from his master, William Vogan, weaver, of Sadsbury township, Lancaster county, in the province of Pennsylvania, on the 4th instant, one Michael Hunt, from Waterford in Ireland, he is a three year servant, [1] about 25 years of age, a stout made fellow, broad shoulder, broad face, heavy brow, and long black hair, about five feet three inches high:

took with him when he went away, a linsey woolsey white blanket, two old cloth jackets, dark brown coat, blue stuff jacket, with hair buttons, buckskin breeches, without buttons at the knees, two pair of grey colour stockings, and two coarse linnen shirts. Whoever takes up and secures aid servant, so as his master may have him again, shall have Forty Shillings reward, paid by WILLIAM VOGAN.

N.B. The said servant served four years [1] with David Rees, of Newtown township, in the said province, and is supposed to make off to the Jerseys, in or about Woodbridge, where he has some Acquaintance.


1. Michael Hunt seems to have been sold by his first master of four years to his current master, William Vogan, for the final three years of his term. This aspect of a servant’s life has been little examined, but from a reading of the rough record, running off to friends and family after being sold off seems to have occurred often enough to form the basis for a servant hunter’s pursuit.

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