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Cities, Falling Over
By William Rapier

I heard a YouTube video by economist Aaron Clarey, a neo-masculinity blogger, “Why Hasn’t the Economy Collapsed Yet?’ at, and his central argument was that Western economies such as the United States, have collapsed, but we haven’t seen a “Mad Max” situation of anarchy because the system keeps the monster alive by constant resuscitation. That analogy though, doesn’t hold for cities.

A number of sites have commented this week that many cities are on the verge of an almost Mad Max collapse. A Wired article has reported that Robert Muggah (, using data on 2,100 cities worldwide, has found these cities to be violent, unsafe and unsustainable. At least 30 cities are on the brink of disaster, because of a number of factors ranging from unemployment, ethno-racial conflict, terrorism, natural disasters, income inequality etc. Even water availability is a major concern in cities such as Sao Paolo, where 8 million people face water shortages. Socialism, along with a drop in oil prices, has pushed Venezuela to the brink, and even London faces its own meltdown from growing economic inequality and immigration conflict. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia face similar fates: These cities have all been destroyed by Libtard’s and their cancerous policies.

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ShepJanuary 18, 2017 9:31 PM GMT+4

Sheriff Clarke: Black man vs. jigaboo.
Sam J.January 18, 2017 12:23 AM GMT+4

"...These cities have all been destroyed by Libtard’s and their cancerous policies..."

Maybe but plenty of super liberal cities are run by Whites and people like to live there. No the cities are destroyed by Niggers. I'm not saying all Blacks are Niggers by any means but a lot of Blacks are Niggers.

Chris Rock - Black People VS. Niggaz