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Will Thorium Save Our Asses? Will Anything?
By William Rapier

The faith of our age is that science and technology will save us, no matter how we fuck up. Regarding energy use, the party-party line is that there are no looming shortages of conventional hydrocarbons, and even if there were, market forces would soon produce technological innovations to solve these problems, because we naked multi-colored apes, are just soooo fuckin’ clever:

An alternative position, which makes me violent, is that god loves us and would not want his soft and squishy pets to be without their consumer goods and services. Evolutionary violence, historical misery, impending mortality – not today thanks:

Regarding energy resources, nuclear fusion and thorium reactors are supposed to be the next big things, because, well, China is exploring them, so they must be onto something, because the Chinese are sooo clever, too, supposedly with average IQs of 105, or is that 1,005, Jared Taylor?

Most scientific explorations, like businesses, go nowhere, or make a long time to cash out:

Both of these sources of energy look promising, but not in the short term, and it is the short term which really matters now:,4919.

One can go on, but the point is that the mere existence of a technological solution to a problem does not prove that it can be socially applied, and applied in time. My guess is that humanity’s time has run out. Play Russian roulette long enough and the probability of blowing your brains out is certainty:

My main argument for “doom soon” (, is that most human’s don’t like to face unpleasant scenarios, and will ignore the early warning signs of trouble. That blood on the toilet paper after wiping your shit hole: is it the early stages of bowel cancer, or just from straining your turdies too much? Better ignore it. It will go away. Sure. My brother ignored the early warning signs, and is now food for the worms.

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Sam J.January 18, 2017 1:20 AM UTC

I didn't bother to counter all the evil Thorium articles because...they're weak as fuck. You'll see there mostly silly and not much substance to them. They throw so many of these weak ass arguments up to make it look like something because they don't really have much.
Sam J.January 18, 2017 1:17 AM UTC

The arguments against Thorium reactors are weak. Like it has Weakly positive temperature coefficient. Well all the reactors we have now have to be tightly controlled because when they get hot they can overheat fast. Present reactors are way, way worse. Thorium, much, much, less so. Thorium reactors are not pressurized. That's the biggest benefit. If it gets too hot just drain the salt into another tank and it stops fissioning right away and cools. We've had Thorium molten salt reactors running in the US. We stopped them because it was taking funding away from Uranium reactors which make Plutonium. So saying that Thorium reactors make weapons grade materials is nothing new. Thorium reactors make a different kind of material that's never been used for bombs and supposedly is more difficult as it's radioactive as can be. If it was good for bombs don't you think we would have used it?

We don't have it now. Well we didn't have a lot of stuff now. We had to build it. It takes what?

It's not like I'm against solar. I'm a huge solar fan and there's some new solar stuff that's supper cheap and can be printed like a newspaper is printed on rolls. This will help a lot but you need large base load power for steel plants, aluminum plants and other high energy uses.

Molten Salt is not the only safe reactor. See Adams Atomic Engines. Look at the FAQ and design pages. Of course the Chinese are building those too. What's ridiculous is all the anti-nuke people are also anti-coal, anti-everything but solar and windmills. They end up having us use massive amounts of dirty coal and if we don't use that the whole economy collapses so then they can say,"I told you the economy was going to collapse". I don't see them as serious people.

Population is plummeting except in Africa and places like that. Don't let them in.

I do believe that in the developed countries the standard of living will deteriorate as there's not as many advances and the rich own everything and are cooking the books to route every last dime into their pockets but that has nothing to do with what we are capable of. That's politics not science.