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‘On Redemption’
George Frizell, Hopeful Privateer

December 2, 1762

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, December 2, 1762.


RUN away on the 14th of last Month, from the Subscriber, a certain George Frizell, about 19 Years of Age, good Countenance, fresh Colour, wears his own Hair, which is light coloured, and bushey:

Had on when he went away, a brown Coat, with Metal Buttons, and sundry other Clothes unknown, in a Pair of Trowsers, made like a Wallet.

It is supposed he is gone to New York, to go a Privateering. [1] He came over in the Ship Rainbow, Capt. Osborne, from Ireland, on Redemption. [2]

Whoever takes up said Frizell, and brings him to the Subscriber, or secures him in any Goal, so as he may be had again, shall have the above Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by JAMES HUNTER.

N.B. All Masters of Vessels are forbid to carry him off.


1. Privateering was state-sanctioned piracy against a belligerent nation,

2. A redemptioner sold themselves for passage to the plantations. It sounds like George’s owner suspects him of having sold himself to get passage to America in hopes of signing on with a privateer. The modern reader must be prepared to understand that some of those people sold in early America not only had a hand in it themselves, but may have been fraudulently involved with trafficking themselves.

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