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‘An Indented Servant Man’
Daniel Haley Wanted for Stealing Himself

December 2, 1762

The Pennsylvania Gazette


Run away from the Subscriber, living in Exeter Township, Berks County, on or about the 22d Day of October last, An indented [1] Servant Man, named Daniel Haley, born in Ireland, and retains the Irish Accent, about 5 feet 7 Inches high, 18 Years of Age, of a fair Complexion, has thick Lips, with short black Hair:

Had on when he went away, A coarse grey Jacket, half worn black Plush Breeches, new knit Stockings, old Shoes, with Brass Buckles, and an old Hat.

Whoever takes up and secures said Servant, so as his Master may have him again, shall have the above Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by WILLIAM MAUGRIDGE.


1. Although our history teaches us that all white servants were indentures, most were not. The indented notice means that Daniel signed a form, which is indented [perforated] where the two halves are separated upon signing of the contract, so that said contract could be matched in case of a dispute. Many unfree white laborers did not have such a document, and in any case, could not read or write.

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