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‘That Belonged to Thomas Blair’
A Sewing Machine that Changed its Name

According to the following listing, Betty was sold at least once and had just escaped for her second time. Note that she is employed at a workhouse which fulfilled functions that today are served by both work places and prisons. Also, note the hint that people bought and, shipped and sold together seemed to have formed associations aimed at aiding each other upon escape.

December 2, 1756

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Chester, June 26, 1756.

RUN way, last night, from the Workhouse in Chester, a servant girl, that belonged to Thomas Blair in West New Jersey; she was advertised some time ago in this Gazette by the name of Elizabeth Burk, but changes her name often, and calls herself Betty Brin, Betty Dawson, &c. She was born in Ireland, but denies her country, is about 18 years of age, of small stature, dark complexion, and speaks much through her nose:

Had on when she went away, a blue calimancoe gown, striped linsey petticoat, and a black silk bonnet, was bare footed. It is supposed she is gone towards Annapolis, Maryland, to some of her ship mates or friends, who she said lived that way. She stoops much as she walks.

Whoever takes up said servant, and secures her in any goal, so that she may be had again, shall have Four Pounds reward, and reasonable charges, paid by GEORGE KEITH

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