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Evil Sanctuary
On Moneyed Wings: 1/17/17

Last night as I sat with my mother watching the news one story dominated, the Sanctuary City Bill before the council of neighboring Howard County.

Do-gooders were interviewed about giving sanctuary to Latinos fleeing oppression.

A priest, speaking in Spanish, told of how these people may be law breakers but still good people.

Nowhere was the mention that this priest and his church receive federal money to house and serve the people seeking sanctuary.

School officials spoke about the great benefit to education of immigrant students, with no mention of the fact that some of their schools are now virtually run by the Salvadoran gang, MS-13.

There was not a whisper of the fact that two Latino men, who I have coached, who have come to this country legally, had recently had to move to Baltimore from Howard County to evade gang sets, composed of more recent illegal immigrants, bent on forcing them to join MS-13.

There is something serene about such a lie, embraced in the unquestioning mind’s externally focused eye.

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