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Archeofuturism 2.0:
Shadows of the Apocalypse By William Rapier

Arktos, the London publisher of Alt Right books, has translated and published a number of books by Guillaume Faye, French Right intellectual. His published books include Archeofuturism (2010), Why We Fight (2011), Convergence of Catastrophes (2012), Sex and Deviance (2014), The Colonisation of Europe (2016) and most recently Archeofuturism 2.0 (2016).

By way of background: Faye sees European/Western civilization facing a series of converging and compounding crises that are likely to destroy Western civilization rather soon: probably by 2030, although it may not all be over by them, as the elites try to hold things together by social duct tape. But no matter of patching up will solve the fundamental problem that the foundations of Western modernity are contrary to reality and nature. The beliefs in progress, unending economic and technological growth, along with poisons such as egalitarianism, feminism, multiculturalism, multiracialism and political correctness are sufficient to produce a civilizational crash.

The “explosive cocktail” facing Western man is composed of (1) the mass migration of the Third World to the West, as well as Islamists, and the creation of failed multicultural/multiracial societies; (2) the demographic crisis of White societies and the inability of their women to breed, a product of feminism and economics; (3) the creation of social chaos in the “south” that will be set to bit the West on the ass; (4) the coming global economic crush, the product of numerous flaws in the capitalist economic and financial systems; (5) the threat of Islam; (6) a growing North/South confrontation and (7) the environmental crisis.

Faye’s books cover the ethno-racial dimensions very well. He is less strong on scientific issues, although he, in my opinion is right in observing that techno-industrial civilization, by destroying its ecological capital, will not survive. He thinks, though, that there can be a rebirth of civilization, and that although there will be a descent into an age of barbarianism, civilization will eventually re-emerge, like a cork bobbing to the surface from a ship wreck.

Faye’s “very hard” scenario has a collapse beginning now and completed by around 2030, with resource wars over depleting resources (described by others as “Peak Everything:”, race wars and going and warlord violence. The collapse of techno-industrial civilization will kill off perhaps 90 percent of urban dwellers. Cities will become rotting tombs of death, even worse than they are now. Technological regression takes survivors back to the Medieval period. But, eventually, things will bootstrap and civilization will be regenerated. Good luck with that one.

Archeofuturism 2.0 is comprised of a series of fictional stories depicting possible futures. The book begins in June, 1914, on the eve of World War I. A group of Frenchies pay a clairvoyant, Mademoiselle Delphinia Pythia, to make predictions about the fate of the spot where they sit, up to the year 2114. She predicts World War I, the Muslim invasion of Europe in the twenty first century, and the complete disappearance of White French by 2114, and modernity, too. Black natives, wearing hides and animal skins, cook the animal from their hunt, in her last vision.

The book goes on in the apocalyptic vein for a number of stories, then switches after moving forward thousands of years to the birth of a civilization more advanced than our own, over two thousand years in the future. But that civilization is destroyed by a meteorite and after about a million years a new species arises to technological superiority evolved from dolphins. They, however are likely to be wiped out by another evolving species. The book thus concludes on a high note: “It’s the survival of the fittest – not the strongest, but those most fit for the situation – which determines the survival (and the domination) of individuals, and of associations or societies of individuals, such as nations, peoples, races, or species.” (p. 187) Fair enough.

As I have said, science is not Faye’s strong point. There is a story thread of an 1892 revolver, loaded, which is hidden in a safe and found thousands of years later – which is fired and kills on future bad guy. The gun is used to produce gun technology to re-conquer the planet. The gun is likely to be iron dust by that time and the safe as well, but the bullets’ gunpowder would have broken down and become inert certainty within two hundred years (if not fifty), led alone thousands of years.

And one female hero travels from our time to the future in an “Einstein machine, which travels near the speed of light (playing on the famous Twin Paradox which is too fuckin’ complex to explain here: The problem is that any human body would increase in mass and disintegrate and at the speed of light would be completely converted into energy.

Faye in his non-fiction and fiction on writing does not discuss the ultimate problem with collapse: nuclear reactors, hundreds of them, would meltdown after backup generators ran out of fuel. Radioactive contamination would make most of the planet uninhabitable for millions of years. So Archeofuturism 2.0 doesn’t get off the ground. This meltdown problem is seldom discussed even by those fearful of the nuclear industry as the “we can survive doomsday crowd.”

Lewis Dartnell in The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch, (Bodley Head, London, 2014), gives a plausible scenario of how the world could be rebuilt after a collapse. His book is based on the idea that there will be plenty of resources left after a collapse so there would be time to reboot civilization and preserve learning: “The supermarkets would remain stocked with plentiful food…” (p. 5) But, even if a killer virus hit(, or there was an EMP event, supermarket food would disappear within hours. Just-in-time delivery means that only limited quantities of food will be available.

In short, the world after the collapse will not be like the cosy world of, say, Alexandria in the current season of The Walking Dead, with electricity and solar panels, and fat bitchy women. The world will be like what we see in failed states today, as on the horn of Africa, where life is nasty, brutish and short.

Just the way it should be.

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Phil BJanuary 20, 2017 7:10 PM GMT+4

Sam J,

But ... but ... if a single atom bomb is detonated, then the world will be so radioactive and we'll have monsters with three heads, tentacles for arms and ... and ... ALL sorts of horrors. After all, if you watch this compilation from you tube you can see that after detonating 2000 (that is two thousand) nuclear devices, we are awash with monsters with three heads, tentacles for arms and suchlike:

Or perhaps not ...

Note two things:

1) The Western USA in some years looks like an all out nuclear war, such is the frequency and number of detonations

2) If you look at the end shot and Russia (or the USSR as it was then) and did not know where the cities were, it looks like most of the major cities were taken out. (They were not but the spacing and pattern of the detonations makes it look like it).

You are referring to the "Seven and Ten" rule of induced radiation. It works like this ...

If a nuclear device is detonated and 1 hour after the detonation, the radiation dosage rate is 10,000 rads, then increasing the time by a factor of 7 reduces the radiation dosage rate by 10.

So after 7 hours, there will be 1,000 rads

After 2 days (7x7 = 49 hours or in round terms, 2 days) 100 rads

After 2 weeks, (7x 2 days) 10 rads etc.

I agree that the nuclear power plants will not melt down (Chernobyl was a deliberate "Let's shut down this system and see what happens" NOT an accident) and in fact may prove to yield long term electricity for the people left behind to use.
Sam J.January 19, 2017 8:05 PM GMT+4

"...ultimate problem with collapse: nuclear reactors, hundreds of them, would meltdown after backup generators ran out of fuel..."

Complete nonsense. The reactor has automatic shut off and enough fuel to run the pumps til it cools. It also has battery back up. It's complete bullshit that if the power grid goes down the plant will melt down.Even if it did melt down it has a huge steel containment structure. With complete catastrophe meltdown there would be some small radioactive gas release but it would minuscule compared to the mass of radioactive dust blown into the atmosphere by burning coal.

"...Radioactive contamination would make most of the planet uninhabitable for millions of years..."

Foolish scare tactics. Hiroshima got nuked and lots of people live there right now. Nuke radiations main radiation dies off in a few weeks. Hell the Sun is radioactive. DON"T GO OUT INTO SUNLIGHT IT'S RADIOACTIVE. Well of course this is stupid. Let's talk about coal as compared to radioactivity. Nuclear radioactivity goes away but coal residue from burning is carcinogenic forever.

There's one thing I'd like to see added to all nuke plants. A stirling motor-generator. A Stirling motor works off of just heat. Low heat also. Some work off of the heat of your hand.

With this kind of generator then if the power went out you could route the heat from the reactor to the Stirling motor with plain hand valves and that would run the pumps to keep it cool. So them you would have batteries, diesel generator and Stirling generator.

I do agree that all the political and illogical problems stated are real and could collapse the West but it wouldn't be because we don't have the technical means. It would be because we just gave up. As for the third world I haven't a clue what to do about them. They refuse to keep having kids when they can't support them. The first thing I would do, if I was God, would be to stop them from moving here. It's certainly not going to make us any better to import people who refuse to pay any attention to the future trends to have them move here.

Lewis Dartnell in The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch, “The supermarkets would remain stocked with plentiful food…” (p. 5)

He's out of his mind. In about three days all the food in the supermarkets would be gone. People would be eating other people in about 2 or 3 weeks. The Dindus would be snaking on everybody,"Taste like chicken!"
Sam J.January 19, 2017 7:34 PM GMT+4
Phil BJanuary 19, 2017 4:44 PM GMT+4

This guy seems to have thought things through quite well regarding the collapse of the cities and how to scavenge for long term survival:

It is a long read and I don't agree with everything he says or his details about some of the engineering solutions but these are minor nit picking criticisms. Overall, impressive and thought provoking.