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‘For a German Man’
Herzog Frames the Feminist Matrix Faced by Contemporary German Men

The following is from our comment board:

Sam J.,

being a German I absolutely second your analysis [of Germancide].

The young lady's plight probably is real, and her cries heartfelt. But the two preceding generations of German females (and Western females generally) have created an environment, psychologically and politically, that makes it entirely unrewarding for a German man to stick his head out.

Psychologically, they want us to be their human male equivalents of dogs, alternatingly fierce and lamely-tamely meek at their command, but always at their command.

More importantly even, they have enshrined the criminalization of ethical-but-robust masculinity into law. If I go out to help the article's girl, the passive-aggressive state apparatus that her sisters have created over decades (and that they and their geldlings still "man") would come after me.

So presently it's indeed a no-win situation for a German man. No question of testosterone involved whatsoever, rather of picking your fights wisely instead of tilting against windmills and going down flamingly but for no end. Better to keep one's powder dry and let things run their course until it makes sense to fight again.

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Sam J.January 19, 2017 8:32 PM UTC


Exactly. I commented further on the original post but Herzog has succinctly surmised the whole situation, they want us to be their Dogs. Roll over, fetch...fuck that.
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 19, 2017 2:12 PM UTC

Excellent point Herzog. Sam J. too. Like they say who would you be willing to jump into the shark tank to save? Realizing of course that the frenzied sharks are just as likely to tear you to pieces as the one you seek to save. Even in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37) the Samaritan who gave aid to the traveler wasn't required to fight off the robbers who waylaid him to demonstrate he was "neighbor". Yes it's a no-win situation for white males today. If you hold the door open for a woman she's likely to curse you for a "male chauvinist", yet that very same woman will denounce you for a coward if you won't put yourself at risk of a cripple-you-for-life beat-down to save her from muggers on the bus. As a practical matter whether I would come to the aid of a woman under criminal assault or not depends on where the attack occurred. In most of the American Midwest probably yes. In New York, Chicago, LA, Baltimore or London, probably not. In the American Midwest (where people are still largely Christian incidentally) I could expect greater gratitude for trying to do the right thing. "WEST ALLIS (WITI)—A Marine Corps veteran was able to stop a man early Tuesday, March 12th from nearly kicking a woman to death. It happened near 102nd and Lincoln, and Wisconsin's concealed carry law made his efforts possible." Women here don't seem to mind if you hold the door open for them either. They thank you even.