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And Other Uplifting News with Jeremy Bentham

Illicit drug deaths reaches record high 914 in British Columbia, last year

“More than 900 people died in British Columbia last year from illicit drug overdoses, but the provincial health minister says the toll could have been far higher and he warned the federal government Wednesday the epidemic is spreading across Canada. The arrival of the powerful opioid fentanyl pushed the provincial death toll to a new peak of 914 overdose deaths in 2016. The BC Coroners Service reported the figure is almost 80 per cent higher than the 510 deaths due to illicit drugs in 2015. Chief coroner Lisa Lapointe said December was the worst month at 142 deaths, the highest monthly death total ever. “The introduction of fentanyl to our province is a game-changer,” Lapointe told a news conference. “We’ve now got this contaminant in the illicit drug system that is not manageable.”

“The coroner’s service said fatalities aren’t just happening among those who use opioid drugs, such as heroin. “Cocaine and methamphetamines are also being found in a higher percentages of fentanyl-detected deaths in 2016,” Lapointe said. People aged 30 to 49 accounted for the largest percentage of overdose deaths last year, and males accounted for more than 80 per cent of the overall toll. Dr. Perry Kendall, the province’s chief medical health officer, said the number of deaths is difficult to confront. This was unexpected and disheartening,” he said. “We still have not as yet been able to reverse the trend. This is frankly a North America-wide problem.”

"Canada is the No. 2 user of opiates in the world next to the U.S., so there’s a lot of prescription opioids out there in the market." Donald MacPherson, executive director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.

FYI: Canada has a population of 36 million compared to approximately 320 million for the USA.

U.S. Army Just Tested A Hoverbike Prototype

Meanwhile back at the Aberdeen Proving Ground…

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory along with its commercial partners recently tested a flying quadcopter.

Bitches Be Crazy

Woman Tries to Stab Rochester NY Taxi Driver with Ice Pick - Driver Pulls Gun

Taxi driver uses legal gun to defend against ice pick attack

by Jane Flasch, WHAM

Gates, N.Y. (WHAM) - A Rochester taxi driver says he was forced to pull a gun to protect him from a passenger who tried to attack him with an ice pick.

"I believe she would have killed me had if i had been close enough to her," said Collin Green, the man who drove the taxi.

According to Gates Police, 39-year-old Katrina Green has was charged with menacing and other violations Monday night. She shares the same name with the taxi driver, but they are not related.

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Jeremy BenthamJanuary 22, 2017 1:52 AM UTC

Yeah, what to do about drug abuse? It's the young people killing themselves with drugs that is the major concern for any society. So how do we get our millennials and generation z to stop using illegal drugs? Tell the them drug use causes global warming? That would put a shot in their wheel house. Unfortunately they'd probably quit believing in anthropogenic global warming before they gave up dope, eh?
Sam J.January 20, 2017 6:37 PM UTC

Drugs...I don't know what to do about drugs. Maybe we should just make them legal but you hate to see all the deaths that would result from that. On the other hand after a short time drug use would go down. The drug abusers would die off.

This is another case of stupidity. Someone tries to kill you with an ice pick and they only get charged with "menacing". I would say this is more than menacing. We need to get these people away from us.
IshmaelJanuary 20, 2017 5:27 PM UTC

Jeremy, had a little mishap on a pony, 8 hrs of surgery later on, to fix my back, Fentanyl patch on my shoulder to ease pain post op, my wife changed them with rubber gloves, after 3 days use, doctor asked if we had children or grandchildren, he said despose carefully, enough dope left to kill a child if chewed on!