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‘More Pavement than People’
Thug Carnage in Shitcago: Beautiful Header into a Slant-Curb!

In went on a drinking binge around my desk this afternoon and kept running into this personable black fellow, who unfortunately seems to favor speaking negatively about less personable black fellows—check out the denim jacket biting pavement on the first video…

I enjoyed that beer too quickly—really, I have to drink this one too?

Is that countersigned?

It’s an order, right?


The room didn’t used to spin?

The last time you drank too much you weren’t on muscle relaxers…

Lee Marvin reincarnated. I love the detective work Tommy does on determining race via attire…

‘Overlooked and Undervalued’

Tommy Sotomayor’s Journey

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IshmaelJanuary 20, 2017 8:24 PM UTC

Pull that smoke wagon and see what happens, I have two guns for each of ya!