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Black Ireland?
Large black mob beats white American family on vacation in Dublin

The first video here, in which a family of four is sucked into a fight with a hundreds strong mob, serves as a perfect example of why a white person should never, ever verbally respond to a physical black assault, as it builds cohesion among the aggressors. There were two black youth who tried to help these people and were not effective.

The fact that this very masculine man permitted himself to be the third player in his family’s defense, second to his son and second to his wife, tells the tale of societal emasculation behind this story.

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Sam J.January 21, 2017 9:06 AM UTC

This comment has nothing to do with the about does at the same time. There's been for a long time in all White countries scandals about the rape of young boys and girls. I and many others believe this is the key to the lock on why everything is so fucked up. This why no one does anything about the mass immigration, mass attacks on Whites like above, moving manufacturing over seas. I believe it's all connected as the elites are blackmailing a large amount of the Representatives over kiddie fucking. As James points out all this stress on the middle class controls them. After all if your running for your life or trying to stay employed then you won't waste time on good government. All this lawlessness is a control the Whites issue. Now after that long winded diatribe there's a big scandal called pizzagate. Some of it just seems silly but if you take it in context of all the massive amount of other kiddy fucking scandals in the US and world wide it doesn't seem so silly. Here's the place to find info on the citizens investigation going on. Just recently someone has posted that he was working in the pizza joint and was drugged and raped by the owner. He also says the main original cook found her son being molested by the owner and immediately quit. He also says there are witnesses to this. There's a ton of info on this. Reddit closed the whole thing out mostly but this site refuses to do so. This page is an index for all the investigating that citizens have done. It's good stuff. They've cross referenced a lot of ownership of different businesses and it's spreading out across the country to many new places. Supposedly the Jew perve Congressman's laptop has evidence that ties Hillary to this also and the NYPD, supposedly, is saying they refuse to sit on the data and they're not letting the FBI overlook it. They say if it doesn't come out the NYPD will release the whole thing. BIG STINK. Of course I've also heard that Roger Stone, known political operative, made the whole damn thing up. We'll see. The link.