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In Some Other Counties, Voting is Compulsory
Trump Inauguration Speech: The Carnage Stops Right Now; From This Day Forward It Will Only Be America First

Here you go James, gratis. No charge.

A Darwinist/Existentialist like yourself can be thankful you live in America were you are NOT required vote or participate in any way in the political process. Yet you are allowed, even encouraged, to bitch about anything and everything in American society that does not suit you. Of course you can complain about America in other countries too. The folks over there will frequently join in. However if you tell those foreign folks that you think THEIR country is fucked-up, stupid and evil, they get real testy with you for some reason. Can’t take a joke.

In some other counties, voting is compulsory: Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Egypt being notable examples. In those places it’s like the annual company picnic: you WILL attend and you WILL act like you’re enjoying yourself. LOL!

So enjoy!


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