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Jeremy Bentham on the Strange ruit of the American Body Politic

Sale on Batons at Cold Steel Arizona 'til end of the month

FYI. Two styles of American 26” night stick made of polypropylene and British police style 26” truncheon, likewise made of heavy polypropylene

Maybe you can talk Lynn Thompson into sending you some for use in your upcoming video. LOL!



Don't Expect Mercy White Man by Vox Day

For you will receive none from the Post-Americans.

“Hispanic ACLU Official Mocks Elderly White People in Rialto, CA. Tells Them They Have ‘Five Years Left’”

Shocking Video
Clerk uses stun gun to fend off armed robber with knife

Dig the video. Tell us again that knifers never attack with the downward stab.


Jeremy after seeing this video I will say that there is still no solid evidence for overhanded icepick attacks—unless you area cash register! What is most interesting is this seems to be a case of brandishing in the ice pick grip, which is new to me.


Carjackers pick wrong driver to mess with

Carjackers Suffer Catastrophic Failure in the Victim Selection Process When They Pick on MMA Star.

Former MMA star, Sasa Perkic, fought with the two men that tried to take his car in New Berlin, Wisconsin recently.

Woman Straw Purchased 10 guns for Felons

A strawman purchase is the term used to describe the offense of purchasing a gun from a legally licensed firearms dealer with the intent of selling/delivering that gun to another person, particularly someone who is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm on account of having a felony conviction, a court judgement of insanity, being a minor, or some other legal disability. Strawman purchases are punishable under federal law by a maximum penalty of 10 years in a federal penitentiary. Naturally there are also strict penalties that can be imposed on the prohibited person himself who attempts to acquire a firearm. For example, if such a prohibited person attempts to buy a gun in person from a licensed dealer, lies about his status when he fills out the required Firearms Transaction Record (ATF Form 4473) and is subsequently denied clearance to purchase by the background check system, he is open to prosecution under federal law, again with a max sentence of 10 years in prison upon conviction.

The Leftists that run our criminal justice system clamor for ever more restrictive gun laws, yet do not enforce the laws that are on the books. Too many oppressed minority individuals would go to prison if they did, you understand. These are not the people that the Leftists were hoping to snare with their gun laws (see the “Great White Defendant” - They were hoping to prosecute evil white gun runners like the KKK and the “Sons of Anarchy”. Instead they too frequently apprehend the “idiot” relatives and girlfriends of oppressed urban youth with gang associations. Folks who just look so forlorn and evoke such sympathy when they are standing in an orange jumpsuit before a judge. Too much paperwork to bring these cases to trial and prove them in court as well. As Chief Flynn of the Milwaukee PD said in his testimony to Congress, law enforcement can’t waste time on “paper prosecutions”. Right! The Leftists would much rather prevent law-abiding citizens from legally buying guns by saddling them with vexatious bureaucratic rules that only law-abiding people would follow. Like requiring background checks for private sales of firearms or even the loan of a firearm. Some States require this, most do not. In any event, people who make a business of selling guns to criminals know full well they are selling guns to people who are criminals. Such violators will do no background checks whatsoever. But anything the Leftists can do to hassle YOU, the honest citizen, and make you not want to own guns, they are down with. Punish felons for being in possession of guns or punish people who provide guns to known felons? Not so much.

Unfortunately the case described in the article below is typical of what is transpiring day to day in urban areas across the USA.

By the numbers (www. Americanhandgunner).


Number of FBI NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) background checks conducted in June, 2016. The highest ever for the month of June.


Number of NICS background check denials in 2010


Number of those NICS background check denials prosecuted by the U.S. Federal Government in 2010.

13 (.0001%)

Number of the NICS background check denials prosecuted by the U.S. Federal Government in 2010 that resulted in a conviction.

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Jeremy BenthamJanuary 22, 2017 2:49 PM UTC

No problem James. P.S. A question regarding the use of the downward stab. Judging from the surveillance videos and news articles it seems that knife armed robbers and muggers are currently showing a propensity to stab their victims in the shoulder. I presume they do this when they meet any resistance to both disable the victim and to force compliance with the robber's demands. With the added benefit of being able to claim this wasn't an attempted murder since they stabbed the victim in an ostensibly non-vital area should the perp end up in court. One can stab someone else in the shoulder in many different ways and from many different directions, but when in a more or less face to face grappling situation using the downward stab would seem to be the most natural move. You could grab your victim by the shirt from the front, side or back, stabilize him and then nail him good and hard in the deltoid muscle a couple of times or until he submits and obeys your commands to give it up. Is this stabbing in the shoulder a trend that you have been tracking James?
responds:January 22, 2017 6:27 PM UTC

Great points, Jeremy,

The increased use of knives by less physical types is really negating my original findings.

The reverse grip has been the choice of experts, psychos and weaklings intent on murder. Now we are adding more weaklings to the mix. When they face resistance and targets begin struggling you are going to see non-lethal shoulder stabs as they are pushed and they grab. This is a downward stroke from too far out. A rampaging knifer going from target to target is going to be struggling with his targets around the axis of the shoulder as they extend their arms.

As far as threat compliance, we are probably seeing life imitating art as horror movie fans attempt to project menace with the Michael Myers grip. In that case, the high ice pick posture ready for a vertical stab is an ideal threat when grabbing smaller person.

We are also beginning to see a lot of Muslim knife use, which means you have a different perspective on the knife and how it is used.

Now, in sentry removal, downward into the cavity between the neck and collarbone is a death strike, was the gladiator execution method.

the things that seem to lead to overhand use are:

-Rage [not concerned with concealment]


-Specific utility [sentry removal tactics]
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 21, 2017 9:12 PM UTC

FYI. The editor cut my headline short. It originally read "Woman Straw purchased 10 Guns for Felons, Gets Probation". That's the real story. The woman was offered PROBATION by the federal prosecutor. She will serve NO time in prison for delivering those 10 guns into the hands of criminals. The sentence she received was buried deep in the news article.The case illustrates the discrimination and lack of seriousness our federal court system displays in enforcing existing gun laws. No new gun laws! Enforce the ones we have on the books!
responds:January 22, 2017 10:04 AM UTC

You have to watch those sloppy editors, you know.