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Migration Killing Tourism in Europe
The European governments are going to have to choose between migrants and tourists

Especially if they think making money doesn’t suck.

“[Chinese tourists] are robbed in the palace of Versailles, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in front of their hotel, as they leave the coaches … In high season, not a day goes by without tourists being assaulted.”

This is astounding. The Chinese are complaining that France isn’t a safe place to visit anymore. They’d rather go to Russia now. Likewise for us Americans. Why would we want to visit France the way it is now when we can get beat up and robbed in our own country, without taking a seven hour plane ride or getting a passport?

To save the tourism industry, both at home and abroad, President Trump should negotiate extra-territorial rights for American citizens, so we can take our guns, knives and cudgels with us everywhere we travel in the world.

Maniac goes on Rampage Kills Four, Injures 25 with Stolen Car in OZ

One notices that the Commonwealth countries are experiencing more and more crime and violence as their societies become ever more multicultural.

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