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Disposable People
Ishmael's Week in the Cracked Rear View

8 People Infected in Rare U.S. Outbreak of Rat Virus

You know, we always just shot them with a 22.

This is about the only creature that gives me the creeps. Pet rat, Hell No!

The 800-Pound Panda in the Room

Can you speak Cantonese James? A nation that still knows what real work means!

Ishmael, we already have the Yangtze Railroad Company set up in East Baltimore, only three miles northeast of the neighborhood of Canton!

Under the Lid

Agree, to this observation, waiting, plotting, looking for a move to end the match, we are indeed lucky, because the lid will blow someday!

Disposable people

I think of people like Peter when libtards talk about the technology future—that we will have to catch up or be left behind. Really? the Peter's of the world would drag the libtards out in a alley and rip their soft little asses to mincemeat!

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