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‘The Binary Dichotomy’
The Black Pigeon and White Non-Aggressor on Immigration

In the two videos below the traditional method of dealing with resident aliens is contrasted with the current trend.

Japan | No Country for Islam - Here's Why

It has not always been a feature of Western Civilization to dilute and compromise native populations in favor of interlopers. Resident aliens in ancient city states such as Athens had special status including licensed business people, diplomats, and stranger-friends. Some special classes of people one could generally count on to be outsiders were, bodyguards and police [yes, police] sophists and philosophers [such as Stefan, a Canadian who primary concerns himself with American culture].

I do find it ironic that human cultural diversity in this planet is in the process of being eradicated under the banner of cultural diversity. Any species that is so easily convinced of such idiocy deserves what it gets.

‘They Can’t Take Us All Out’

Making America Great Again | Paul Nehlen and Stefan Molyneux

Paul Nehlen—who I don’t trust as far as I can throw him—makes a clean case for the dirty business of reversing the slide into savagery that is state-sponsored immigration. I think the man is spitting gloriously into the wind, for, demographically it may not be possible to elect another white male president after Trump, perhaps the first and last American Autarch to communicate directly to the electorate. America’s traitor gender has yet to fully weigh in on the matter of cultural suicide for the good of the greater global group hug. In the meantime, as a friend said yesterday, we have four more years to prepare for the End.

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