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‘A Medieval Economy’
The Horrible Truth About Barack Obama's Presidency

This discussion reminded me why I started watching Free Domain Radio: hard facts and fun analogies presented by a an ideologue who thinks he’s a critic, but is a dreamer and just doesn’t realize that when debt is both the driving basis and morale compass of a society, that the resulting economy will forever default to the most wretched common denominator. Stefan does not get it, that our society is based on debt and therefore nothing more redeeming or edifying than the sullied guilt of the debtor soul may ever spring from the plantation in which that bitter seed was sown. But that wide-eyed belief in the nonaggression principle keeps him sparkling as he comments on Western Man’s jaunt into the peculiarly material hell of its own contrived original sin.

-97% of net U.S. job creation was part time in one quarter?

-Median household income has declined by 7% over 15 years.

-The poverty rate among black families fell from 87% in 1940 to 47% in 1960.

-The black poverty rate dropped another 17% during the 1960s.

-The black poverty rate dropped 1% during the 1970s.

-2009 66% of Americans said that race relations were “good” and 22% said that race relations were “bad.”

-In 2016, 32% of Americans think that race relations are “good” and 63% believe they are “bad.”

I believe that Obama in not the disastrous mistake that Stefan suggests was made by America through guilt, but rather the euthanizing needle an unchallenged nation choose to put in its arm. Our departed Dark Lord seems to have achieved more than most American presidents and is a player in good standing with the global team—diverting not a degree from the agenda set by King Shrub the Elder, Advanced by Slick Willy and Carried like a Torch into the unexploited night by King Shrub the Younger—a coven that appeared as thick as thieves on Inauguration Day as they skulked around the Usurper with daggers wetted with rare venom.

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Sam J.January 23, 2017 12:11 AM UTC

I don't know why the country has no common sense. A big problem is corporate money in elections. Well the Supreme Court said Corporations are people so they can give money like people. Ok. Then tax them like people. No special corporate rate. Whatever a individual is taxed at, that's their tax. Also when they break the law treat them like people. Lock up the the President of the corporation and everyone on the board. OR they can stop giving money to political campaigns and we'll go back to treating them as corporations, not people.
UlricKerenskyJanuary 22, 2017 12:33 PM UTC

The prior President's decision to save and then elevate the banks will go down, along with his public embrace of the identity group tenents of his ideology, as the decisive decisions of his reign. To elevate a handful of thinly capitalized firms to Co rulers of the Empire is mind boggling in its foolishness.