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Richard Spencer from Talks About Being Sucker Punched by a Tolerant Leftie
Dindu Tactics are clearly exposed in what turns out to be a documentary on one man’s social status in the global order. I don’t care for Spencer, for his new-style quibbling masculinity, but he is merely an emasculated product of his generation, a person of his time. In that sense he is to be applauded for being more of a man than he should be. As he stumbles through expressing his thoughts on this, attempting to place his plight in context, he is led to some conclusions that fall short of the mark.
This kid is going to be publicly killed unless he places himself in capable hands. He is creeping towards the answers to his questions, but the lack of tactical thought implicit in the Alt-Right mindset keeps him on the level of half-measure realization.
The first aspect of his scrambled thinking that portrays utopian feminine reasoning, rather than tactical thinking, is that he’s only going to need security at certain peek peril times. Look, if any of you white nationalists want to protect this guy it’s going to be as tough as body-guarding Kim Kardashian until he wakes the hell up. Perhaps the worst aspect of Alt-Right thinking, which is the male expression of American political thought, is a lack of understanding of aggression and almost total lack of tactical perception. This is fascinating, in that the phenomenon of male emasculation by our social machine has insured a feminized—and hence tactically crippled—opposition.
I see Spencer and the retarded Chicago whigger as trump scapegoats, walking effigies of to be burned I relative safety.
Do note the jumping sucker punch by the black attacker. This is actually a common sucker-punching tactics which combines basketball ability with the primitive punching technique taught by mamma while she beat this boy into the malformed shape he has retained. The point behind this type of punch is to surround a target without those near him getting physical. Then when the leaping punch comes over the heads of the men crowding the target, if the target is stupid enough to go after the puncher he will necessary bump into one or more of those surrounding the target, who will then feign shock at being assaulted by the target and beat him down.
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Sam J.Jan 23, 2017

I may be mistaken but I believe it was a White SJW that attacked him. Could be a Jew also. He should sue the living bejesus out of him.
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