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Love is a Form of Temporary Insanity
An Antidote for “Toxic Masculinity” by Ivarr T. Boner

As Jim Goad has pointed out, during the US election the libtard media were obsessed with the topic of Trump’s “Toxic masculinity.” If you can stand it, you can read what these limp dicks and slack twats have to say at

And after the election we have seen Madonna-an aging music icon who made the false promise of giving anyone who would vote for Hillary Clinton a blowjob minus her false teeth, say that “we’re fucked” now the Donald is in. One can only hope so:—ked-w453871

Even single moms are reporting that they have lost the urge to engage in the “courtship phase” because of the Trump win. The toxic masculinity is just too much:

“Trump’s election stymied my desire to look for a partner” said an anonymous mudshark.

Hopefully, natural selection will be at work here too.

The antidote to “toxic masculinity” is to exhibit a gender characteristic that is truly toxic: contemporary women, in all their glory. And who better to consult on this subject than a woman.

Esther Vilar, author of The Manipulated Man, an Argentinian born physician and psychologist who migrated to West Germany. She argued that woman controlled men via sex so that they are conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, to be enslaved to serve female interests. As it is put in the book, wives are cold-blooded manipulable “parasitic prostitutes.” Here are some juicy quotes from the book, more ballsy than found on the neo-masculinity sites:

“The average American woman is a whore. Her vagina is a business, and this business is extortion” “Throughout the history of humankind, women have always been prostitutes.”

“Women are whores because men live at the mercy of their sex drives, and so are easily manipulated. Women extort money from because they can, and who better to fleece than a rich man?”

“All women lie, especially to themselves.”

“The average woman has the mind-set of a parasite. Her age-old scam is to live off a man’s hard work, to con him into spending his assets to finance her lifestyle”

“A woman’s entire concept self-worth is determined by the price she can command for the use of her vagina!”

“Because she is so skilled at manipulating men, a woman is a world-class con artist. In her mind, her body is simply a useful tool to extort money from the opposite sex, so she cannot comprehend that a man can desire sex for pure pleasure, or even for the celebration of existence. These concepts are as foreign to her as facial hair.”

“The average woman is a spoiled child, a selfish and arrogant bundle of desires, raised to be a rapacious taker from men.”

“... She has plans for her poor husband. Soon after their marriage, she begins to wield her sexual tool like a club, hounding the bewildered sucker into greater earning power…. She attacks his male ego, shaming him, flogging him remorselessly to find a higher-paying job, jabbing an accusatory talon at him, she snivels that he’s not a “real man” unless he finds the means to support her in style.”

“It is a cruel trickle of nature that the very testosterone which imports virility to men—the wide shoulders, deep voices, and physical strength which acts as stimulants to female sexuality also degrades them into pawns in the clutches of manipulating women.”

“A woman’s vagina holds the whip hand, and a man has no choice but to bow his head in submission if he wants to enjoy even a minimal sex life.”

“Once in a while I’ll hear a guy say, “I’ve never paid for sex” It makes me laugh. You always pay for it”

“When they’re on their backs, the meter is running.”

“A woman uses marriage to gain power, and once she attains it, her husband is fated to a life of abuse. This is very expensive pussy.”

“A wedding is an orgy of female narcissism. This is her day, her starring role in her personal soap opera, the glorious denouement of all her childhood and cultural fantasies.”

“By the unscrupulous exploitation of the male sexual urge, woman have controlled the world since recommend time: this history of the human race has been written in menstrual blood.”

“Feminism is a philosophy eroded by greed and homogenized by self-deceit; a credo of glaring inconsistencies and wanton hypocrisy. Women want to eat their cake—and gluttonously at that—but giving it to them without charge.”

“Ours is an overtly sexist society, biased toward women. The evidence is obvious and overwhelming—you don’t have to look any farther than common sense.”

“The radical feminists are militant bigots; they are bitter and mean-spirited hate-mangers…. They are too self-indulgent to be proper whores—It’s far less trouble to scorn men than to go on a diet.”

“Don’t fall victim to female “romance” games. There is nothing wrong with real romance at the proper place and time, but in the initial stages of courtship, a woman uses “romance” to control you and to convince herself that she’s not a whore.”

I agreed with all the quotes cited above except the last one, which is probably the most dangerous myth for our sons to have today. Romantic love is a social and historical construction, born out of the European Romanticism movement, which was itself a bourgeois revolt against traditional customs. In the past couples no doubt liked each other and had sexual attraction, but feelings were never like say the Bee Gee’s song on Saturday Night Fever The fact is that one’s woman could die in child birth and would need to be replaced, after 10 minutes sadness.

In the state of “romantic love” the brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is also released in drug addiction. Breakups then are a form of withdrawal and cold turkey:

Love is a form of temporary insanity.

In New Guiana, women were exchanged for pigs. No room for romantic love there.

This is the world of the future.

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Jeremy BenthamJanuary 23, 2017 12:33 AM UTC

It's all true!

Blackman's Law: "The sex you get for free always costs you more than the sex you pay for."

Clancy's Rule: "The definition of a successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend."

Kinison's Law: "Why does your woman always get her way? Because she has the pussy!"
RileyJanuary 23, 2017 12:32 AM UTC


I feel yer pain, to a point. These are the weaker sex and all, but men, working in honestly worshipfully well behaved lust batter their ramparts in beatific ignorance, never suspecting that there is more there than he could ever suspect. We want pussy and peace, nothing more.

Still, I walk from my shop and see my house cat, maybe 10 pounds, nose to nose with a probably 40 pound Bobcat. I shouted, the cats scattered and the house-cat chased the Bobcat off the place.

I picked her up later and it was like I had siezed a small pit-bull: a low growl rumbled in her. She was pissed this bumpkin was poaching her mice. My cat is a bad-ass. Not all pussy is tainted.

Look. These frails chose to hide that thang and hold it for future deals need a great big ignoring. Modern women-folks ain't worth worrying over. Come the hard shit, they'll get real.