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Will BLM Action Slacken?
In the Wake of Stiff Felony Penalties Announced for Rioters Will Mob Violence Abate?

“This cheered me up:

2015: "Space to destroy"

2017: Inauguration day rioters face felony charges, 10 years in prison

Do you think George Soros will have to raise the daily stipend now that the stakes have gone up a bit?”


Lynn, I think we might see a defense league of some sort funded by internationalists like Soros and staffed by democratic activists, dedicated to rescuing these martyrs from persecution. I watched The Young Turks and was treated to a discussion by three liberals in which they refused to believe that anyone on the Left would engage in violence, even as footage of BLM goons rolling through D.C. and others proliferated on the same feed.

I think that the power of the lie adhered to will keep these people going as they look forward to the time ahead when they will be remembered as martyrs, freed, awarded restitution and rewarded with media jobs.

More importantly, Lynn, the BLM and other thugs will—if hard time starts to get dished out—very likely adopt the same tactics nationwide that they have in Baltimore. Cops are rarely confronted these days. The mob was eventually prevented from overrunning the cops in Baltimore by the National Guard. In some of the D.C. riots you see military behind the lines. In Baltimore the thugs just switched to terrorizing individuals on the street. For these organizations to get a bunch of people imprisoned is like losing a conventional battle in a guerilla war. The insurgents will be directed to concentrate on violent efforts against individual whites and traitor blacks.

At its base the insurgent aspect of this is a race purge so I expect them to stick with that and up the activity level as the police have not been effective in combating purge aggression—indeed have declined to recognize its existence—and the Trump administration is likely to look to the drug war as a place to help local police, simply because the machinery is geared for that. Ultimately, the BLM movement has and will draw its soldiers from the ranks of blacks due to collateral damage from the drug war, just like Islamists recruit based on collateral damage from drone strikes and invasions. A look at some of these horrible statistics that Jeremy has posted on drug addiction and overdoes is going to translate into military style drug war efforts, which should recharge the BLM base. And, since drug addiction is based on things far beyond the ability of police action to affect, we can expect addiction to illicit drugs to continue at or above its current level.

Beyond everything I have said, Lynn, keep in mind that the mechanics of the American justice system insure that the best way to avoid heavy time when committing a crime is to pack up in a group and disperse the risk. Until there is something like a RICO statute to permit incarceration of entire mobs rather than cherry-picking martyrs, mob violence will continue to escalate, particularly in gun-ban zones like D.C. and Baltimore.

Also, Lynn, do not forget the ultimate purpose of fighting cops. The riot is just a tactic for drawing down police into a fight so that no police will respond—indeed will not even be available to file reports on—attacks on individuals in non-media zones. The police have not been able to adjust to this in Baltimore at all. As I stayed in writing last night I listened to over a dozen police responses in my neighborhood, which amounts to the criminals deciding where the cops are going to be deployed. No way was I going out for a stroll in the 90% of the neighborhood which would be a free-hunt zone as the cops converged on various hoodrat-selected locations. I stayed in, as the purge raged on my very street.

Thriving in Bad Places

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ShepJanuary 25, 2017 10:04 PM UTC

In a rib-tickling bit of irony, the limo that was the victim of the car-b-que in the video was owned by a Mooslim who is (wait for it) anti-Trump!
Sam J.January 24, 2017 12:48 AM UTC

"...No way was I going out for a stroll in the 90% of the neighborhood which would be a free-hunt zone as the cops converged on various hoodrat-selected locations. I stayed in, as the purge raged on my very street..."

In a world where Whites were totally red pilled and KNEW that they were on the down swing riots could be great opportunities for the organized. Keep track of the Dindus that cause the trouble. Those that attack Whites. When the riot starts get girls to track the cops on scanners while the White guys hunt the Dindus with mask and hoodies on. Unmercifully eliminate them. I think it would take them totally by surprise and they could be cleaned up quickly. Out of sight rip off the pants and hoodies of one color and expose a totally different color. Then just fade into the background and deny everything. This would be especially effective at night when the Dindus think they are the rulers.