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Days of Rage
A Heads Up From M on the Return of Revolutionary Violence

“Found it very interesting sounds like things are going to be a lot of fun in the near future,”


Thank you, M. this was a greatly informative read.

It is astounding how silent media and academy are on this history. Most Americans will deny any of this happened.

If you want my opinion the BLM movement is doing the same thing with more smarts:

-They are attacking individuals predominantly, rather than institutions and cops

-They have increased the rape campaign exponentially and eliminated bombings, which bring federal heat

-Except for martyr sacrifices everything is done at mob strength, which means if ten BLM dudes rape you on the street, only three get arrested and only two do time, which means most of the cadre gets away with it, fills out with recruitment and continues the purge.

I do hope that bombings come back, as that would be a heat-bringing mistake on their part and expose intelligence assets for incarceration, where simple mob violence only risks thuggish bodies, easily replaced, and keeps the terror network untouched.

No urban center in the U.S. has any ability to limit purging, so what bombinga do occur I suspect will be used to distract law enforcement and focus federal effort so that the purge with hands and sneakers and bricks and knives may continue off the media radar and off the law enforcement map.

The only thing that can combat mob violence is permitting citizen militia and armed individuals in urban centers and that is an unlikely for a municipality that has the media-supported option of pretending its white citizens are not being targeted for beatings and rapes.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.January 24, 2017 2:29 AM UTC

I've been posting about the Days of Rage post everywhere. To me it looks like a direct provocation of the Right by smearing their noses in the fact that the Left "got away with it". I think they're trying to provoke the exact same scenario that is going down in the Ukraine. The Jews shoot at the right and the left and sit back and laugh as they kill each other. Look at this guys post. He says the leaders, Jews, got away while a lot of others went to jail He also says he was a member and quit when they started having M60 machine gun practice in rural Wisconsin. What the fuck??? No one noticed????

These are the same people that invaded Russia and killed 60 million people. Fuck them.

The best plan of action is unorganized attacks against the Dindus, not that I would do such a thing, and public investigation like is going on now in the pizzagate mess. This may not satisfy some as they want blood now but it's the best plan of action.

I also believe a large part of defeating these people is to know who they are. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths that have been kicked out of every single country they have ever been to in any significant numbers for thousands of years. Every damn country. Every one. That must tell you something. When this is widely known by Grandma and Grandpa people will cease to be moved by their bullshit and demand that they be reigned in and hopefully deported as that's the only way to deal with these satan worshipers.