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'If You Care About Black Men'
Tommy Sotomayor Pleads with White Liberal Women to put There Mouth Where their Money is!

White Liberals Shout At Black Police Officers To End Their Racist Policing Of Whites! #iShitUNot

Was it those two shots of rye and this beer, or was this not the funniest Tommy video ever?

The funny thing is, I have worked with scores of black men, actually, I think it is around 180 out of some 500. At a certain point in our work relationship the brutha will come up to me and say, "Meanin' no disrespect, but is it true that yo women suck yo dicks—like, it's really a regular thing white women do?"

I would usually play dumb and say, "What, sista's don't go down?"

And they would say something like, "How do you do it?"

And I'd say something like, "Oh, I don't do it, she does it."

And he'd say something like, "I mean, how do you get them to suck you dick."

Generally, to keep the peace, I'd say, "A job—you have to have a job. She knows she'll eventually get to pick up your paycheck while you're passed out after that blow job. Hell after ten years of being married I couldn't sign for my own check 'cause the wife had been signing the checks for a decade. I was a counter-fitter for signing my own check."

That would make them feel better, knowing that it was about money—a job. I only had the heart to be truthful to a black man about this once. Because the fact is, Black chicks all do it too, if you're a white man!


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