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White Guys Can't Pump?
Do Black’s Have Longer Cocks than Whites? By Ivarr T. Boner

The media and Hollywood portray White guys as not only not being able to jump, but also not being able to pump, having penis length inferiority. So, do blacks have larger penises than Whites, as a statistical average?

According to a survey by The Huffington Post, based on condom sales by the condom seller Condomania, the top three states for condom size are (1) North Dakota (predominately white); (2) Rhode Island (almost no blacks) and (3) South Dakota (again almost no blacks):

“Penis Sizes by State: How Does Yours Measure Up?” At:

Africans in Tanzania had an average penis size of 4.5 inches (presumably on the slack): K. Chrouser (et al.), “Penile Measurements in Rural Tanzanian Males: Informing Male Circumcision Device Design,” at http://pag/

In a study of penises in Nigeria the mean penile length was 5.2 inches: J. C. Orakew (et al.), “Can Physique and Gluteal Size Predict Penile Length in Adult Nigerian Men? West African Journal of Medicine, vol. 25, 2006, pp. 223-225.

What then about the real jungle juice, testosterone? Surely blacks have higher T-levels than white? Scientific studies have shown that testosterone levels do not differ significantly between black and white men, but blacks have higher estradiol levels, the female hormone:

S. Rohrmann (et al.), “Serum Estrogen, but Not Testosterone, Levels Differ between Black and White Men in a Nationally Representative Sample of Americans,” Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 92, 2007, pp. 2519-2525.

Surprising, eh?

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