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Good Samaritan’ killed
during mall shooting went to get wedding rings cleaned with wife

Who would you jump into the shark tank to save?

In this case a Good Samaritan who selflessly jumped in was eaten by the sharks. If you need to confront a perpetrator with a gun it’s best to do so from behind cover. In real life even you beat the perp to the draw he still could manage to put a bullet or two in you before he goes down. Bullets entering your body is hazardous to your health. First rule of gun fighting: have a gun. Second rule of gun fighting: don’t get shot. See the video.


Like they always tell you in the CCW qualification classes as a legally armed private citizen you only have a duty to protect yourself and your family. You do not have a moral or legal duty to put yourself at risk to protect strangers or enforce the law. You’re not a cop or a super hero. It’s the duty of the police to confront and apprehend law-breakers. The citizen only has a duty to inform the police when he witnesses a crime being committed. Call 911!


CCW instructors always advise you to think about this before hand and decide what would cause you to put yourself at risk and intervene to prevent the commission of a crime. Have some kind of plan. You want to make sure you understand  for certain who is the bad guy and who is the good guy before you pull the trigger.  Keep in mind that if you do intervene you WILL be mentioned in the newspaper, but not necessarily for the reason you intended. (The Shark Tank Conundrum – What Would Make you Draw Your Firearm?)

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