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War Against Boys
And Other Missives from a Sick Society

Man Bit Roommate’s Ear Off

Out Of Fear Trump Would ‘Send Him Back To Mexico’


Apocalypse Update

- We’re evolving stupid: Icelandic study finds gradual decline in genes linked to education, IQ

The movie “Idiocracy” is coming true. If we’re going to make it to Mars we’d better hurry, before Humanity becomes too stupid and lazy to figure out how to get there.  (“Idiocracy” - Trailer)


“This has long been predicted.  Robert Zajonc highlighted the problem way back. That the dummies have most of the children would seem to make a decline in average IQ inevitable in a world where welfare policies make sure that the feckless no longer starve.” – John J. Ray, MA PhD, Brisbane, AU, Dissecting Leftism – BlogSpot


Misandry and Child Abuse Flourishes among "Elites" Who want Revenge

The war against boys escalates.

Mom accused of sex with five teens at daughter's party


Her daughter called the cops on her too. Probably got fed up with mom stealing her boyfriends, eh?

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