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With an Update on One of James' Favorite Shootings

Thief shot dead during attempted motorbike hijack in Sao Paulo


Thief shot dead during attempted motorbike hijack in Sao Paulo

Published on Oct 17, 2013


Dramatic video has hit the web in which a thief attempting to hijack a motorbike on a Sao Paulo street is shot dead by a police officer who springs into action while watching the theft unfold from inside an unmarked car.

Originally posted on LiveLeak, the footage captured by a helmet camera belonging to the rider of the coveted motorcycle is clear and graphic. It shows in detail the moment one of the two would-be hijackers on another bike seizes the motorcycle's handle bar and forces the rider to give up his machine at gunpoint.

The bike's owner then retreats to the side of the road allows the pillion passenger to take his high-performance Honda. Just a moment before the thief is able to ride off, a policeman emerges from an unmarked car and fires two shots from a sidearm into the man, knocking him from the bike. The other thief is seen speeding away.

From its position on the ground, the helmet camera captures the passing minutes as police berate the injured man while he waits for an ambulance.

Unconfirmed reports say the young would-be hijacker later died from his injuries.


Man sought in Vermont Capital's 1st murder in almost 100 years

Vibrant multiculturalism comes to white-breadestan Vermont.


FYI: it has never been against the law to carry a concealed weapon in Vermont. Yet Montpelier, the capital city, has not experienced a murder since the 1920’s.


Police: Man sought in city's 1st murder in almost 100 years


Posted: Monday, January 23, 2017 6:59 pm | Updated: 7:15 pm, Mon Jan 23, 2017.

Associated Press | 0 comments


MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A man has been shot dead outside an apartment complex in what police say is the first murder in the nation's smallest capital city in almost a century.

An arrest warrant was issued for Jayveon Caballero on a murder charge following the Sunday morning shooting in Montpelier, police said. Police were seeking Caballero in the killing of Markus Austin, whose body was found in the apartment complex's parking lot.


Caballero is believed to have boarded a bus on Sunday in White River Junction. Police said the bus was headed to New York City but had several intermediate stops where he could have gotten off.

Caballero and Austin had been involved in an altercation outside Gustos bar in Barre earlier Sunday morning, police said. During the altercation Austin assaulted Caballero's girlfriend, witnesses said. Caballero later confronted Austin outside Austin's apartment and shot him, police said.

Caballero's girlfriend, Desiree Cary, was arrested Sunday evening in Barre, where Caballero lives. She appeared in court Monday, pleaded not guilty to drug charges and was released.

Montpelier has about 7,500 residents, making it the nation's least populous capital.

Police Chief Anthony Facos said the shooting death of Austin was the first murder in the city since the 1920s, when a woman shot her husband. He did not have additional details of that case.

Silicon Valley billionaires are ‘prepping’ to survive in underground bunkers

More lifestyles of the rich and paranoid.

“Some in the prepper movement are afraid that AI will lead to a revolt against the wealthy.”

When you catch the Masters of the Universe looking for the exit it’s always worth taking notice.


Nevertheless, as we have learned over the past half century the end of the world is not something you can count on. So you young folks don’t forget to save for retirement!

Mexican Cartel Stockpiling Grenade Launchers at Texas Border

In this case RPG doesn’t stand for role paying game.


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — The Mexican cartel known as Los Zetas has been stockpiling Soviet-era rocket propelled grenades, body armor, assault rifles, and ammunition in this border city.

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