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‘An Old Indenture’
Richard Ryan ‘Lifts His Feet Quick’

December 6, 1759

The Pennsylvania Gazette


Run away, on the 30th of November last, from the Subscriber, living in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, an Irish Servant Man, named Richard Ryan, about 5 Feet 10 Inches high, fair Complexion, with red Hair, has a short Step when he walks, and lifts his Feet quick.

Took Abundance of good Cloathing with him, viz. a blue Broadcloth Coat, with a small Velvet Collar, a Lead coloured Stuff Coat, Jacket and Breeches, a green Velvet Jacket, lined with red, two Hats, one coarse, the other fine, three Pair of Breeches, one pair of them new Buckskin, another Pair of light coloured Cloth, with small Metal Buttons at the Knees, several Pair of large Petticoat Trowsers, two Pair of Shoes, one of them new.

He has an old Indenture [1] with him, which supposed he will pass by. He is very talkative, and apt to mention the Part of Ireland he came from, viz. the Town of Clomell, in the County of Tipperary. Whoever takes up and secures said Servant, so as his Master may have him again, shall have Three Pounds reward, paid by WILLIAM VOGAN.

N.B. Masters of Vessels are forbid to carry him off at their Peril.


1. The origin of the slave pass, the passport and your drivers license is this indenture sheet, the only thing a servant could use to prove that he had served his time. This indicates that Richard served a full seven years under another master

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