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‘Obtained Her Indentures’
Susanna Kennedy

October 28, 1772

The Pennsylvania Gazette

East Caln township, Chester county, October 19, 1772.

RUN AWAY from the subscriber, a certain SUSANNA KENNEDY, about 5 feet high, a native of Ireland, who, by her craft and fraudulent insinuation, subtilly obtained her indentures, [1] lately the property of Robert Parke (at the sign of the Ship, on Lancaster road) signed over to me, John Bing, for a certain sum of money in hand paid;

had on, and took with her, one chints gown, stamped with blue, two short gowns, one red calicoe, the other a darkish stamped one, one black silken bonnet, surrounded with ribbands of the same colour, yellow brass buckles, carved and square, one silver pair, square and carved, one black calimancoe petticoat, another red and blue striped lincey, home made, one red and blue camble ditto; she has a dark complexion, pleasant look, and quick motion, walks light, black eyes, face of a pale colour, lisps, and talks short, in some words very particularly.

Whoever takes up and secures the said Susanna Kennedy, or brings her to the subscriber, shall have THREE POUNDS reward, with reasonable charges, paid by me JOHN BING.


1. For a servant to get a hold of their indentures was the holy grail of the runaway. “By her craft and fraudulent insinuation” I take it that Mister Bing was sampling the lady’s goods while she had her eye on the contents of his desk drawer.

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