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When the Drug Business is too Deadly Rob Banks
FBI sees spike in bank robberies in Baltimore region

Why do they rob banks? Because that’s where the money is.

“The Baltimore area ranks among the highest in the country for the crime. The region is no stranger to bank robberies. There have been 14 bank robberies in the Baltimore region in the first 23 days of 2017 between Baltimore City, Baltimore and Harford counties. The FBI Violent Crimes Task Force investigated 80 robberies last year in 2016 (Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County).”

“Nationally, only five FBI field offices dealt with more bank robberies than Baltimore in 2016 falling just behind cities like Chicago and Philadelphia. Dugan explained why Baltimore stands out when it comes to robberies. "It's an interesting problem here in Baltimore," Dugan said. "We find that individuals that will serve their time for a conviction a number of years ago for bank robberies, find themselves back in the same line of work." In 2015, that line of work was more prominent in the Baltimore region than all other parts of Maryland combined. "It's a population thing where people are is where banks are therefore you're going to have a higher rate of incidents taking place," Dugan said.”


Jeremy, these two boneheads robbed my bank and screwed up the getaway and were caught in a nearby parking garage-idiots.

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Jeremy BenthamJanuary 25, 2017 2:11 PM GMT+4

James! You keep your money in a bank? This is very out of character. The next thing you'll be telling us is that you are heavily invested in the stock market. Congratulations incidentally.
responds:January 25, 2017 3:17 PM GMT+4

Yes, Jeremy, I need a bank account to prove that I am American! if I did not have the bank account I would not have been able to get my I.D. and fly to Utah! On the other hand, the undocumented aliens that were passing me buy at the DMV line, where not under such demands. Other than that my son and webmaster exist for me financially and launder my publishing gains into ready cash.