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Let’s Not Be Judgmental
Vibrant Diversity Update

Famed snake trackers from India latest weapon in Florida war on pythons

Snake Trackers? Way cool!

Alarmed underwear

Alarmed underwear with combination lock to protect against sex attacks created by German after Cologne New Year rape

German MEP says "Women do not feel safe in Germany anymore"

“Angst ist kein guter Ratgeber.“ (Fear is not a good counselor.)

– Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

“Fear is not a good counselor.” “You’re living in fear.” “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” This is the kind of dismissive bullshit people get from Leftist political leaders of every nationality whenever they express any rational concern for their safety on account of criminal foreigners being allowed by their government to run loose in their communities and prey on them. The implication being that you are a some kind of cowardly, weak character or bigot if you have such concerns. This has brought the people of the West to the conclusion that their government leaders are worse than incompetent, that they are delusional and/or deliberately malicious. There is a proverb that tells us that we should never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity. That maxim is a good guide in most relations with others; however, in the case of leaders like Merkel and the EU it appears that they have crossed the line from stupidity to malice. Or else their stupidity has becomes such a threat to public safety as to make no difference what their intentions are. Like a crewmember who wants to open the hatch on a submerged submarine to let in “fresh air”. Alt-Right pundits like Anonymous Conservative give us some insight as to what guides the Leftist’s insane decision making process and in particular what drives our Leftist elites to favor violent foreigners over their own countrymen.

I have often marveled at how liberals exhibit an almost Stockholm-syndrome-like tendency to bow before force, be it criminal savages, Muslims, terrorists, or any violent enemy of the nation. 07/20/2016

“Liberalism is the unhappy people in a nation trying to make everyone who is happy as miserable as the leftists are – and they are willing to destroy themselves and the nation to do it.”

- Anonymous Conservative 2016 ( German MEP says "Women do not feel safe in Germany anymore")

Published on Jan 21, 2017

Ulrike Trebesius, German member of the European Parliament, makes brutal analysis of the changes Merkel has wrought upon the German and European peoples. Please watch and share. This is day one of the Trump Era and good people are now speaking up.

Poll: 40 Per Cent of Migrants Think Citizens of Host Country Have Too Much Freedom

“When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles. When I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

If you believe in democracy and freedom of religion, why would you support the importation of people into your country who do not believe in democracy and freedom of religion?

“On the subject of people with a different religion, 45 per cent, mainly those who originate from Afghanistan, viewed other religions as inferior to Islam. Less than half, 40 per cent, would accept their children marrying someone from a different religious background without some kind of reservation like conversion. Whilst 90 per cent do agree with the system of democracy in principle, 40 per cent say that the laws of the country should be based on religious principles and commandments.”

Austrian Interior Minster Says Migrant Crime Doubled in 2016

“Mr. Sobotka also spoke on the subject of employment for asylum seekers and claimed that up to 90 per cent of them had no prospects of finding work in Austria at the present time and have ended up on government benefit payments.”

Imam Curses Christians And Jews

Wow! Imam Curses Christians And Jews At Trump-Attended Interfaith Service In D.C.

Yes, those people at the supermarket jabbering away in foreign languages are talking about you.

'Cannibal' prisoners 'feast on human flesh of fellow inmate' cooked on barbecue as 26 killed in 10-day riot

Hey let’s not be judgmental here. Respect other people’s traditions and values.

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Sam J.January 26, 2017 11:08 AM GMT+4

I've fairly negative about immigration but I'm going to have to back off for the Irula snake hunters.

"...0:43 you are angry at (Jews) and the ones who went astray (Christians)..."

I wonder if that's not fake news.