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New Jersey Convenience Store Owner Pleads Guilty to $840,000 Food Stamp Fraud Scheme

How to make $840K in a SNAP. Jersey Convenience Store Owner Pleads Guilty to $840,000 Food Stamp Fraud Schemeg-government/2017/01/25/new-jersey-convenience-store-owner-pleads-guilty-840000-food-stamp-fraud-scheme/

Shaft takes down Shirley Avenue Boys Gang in Richmond County, GA

“During a press conference Wednesday, Sheriff Richard Roundtree, District Attorney Ashley Wright and Assistant D.A. Natalie Paine announced the indictment of members of the L.O.E. (Loyalty of Everything), also known as the Shirley Avenue Boys Street Gang. This indictment culminated a two-year investigation of this street gang that is an organization involved in murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, drug distribution, firearms violations, witness tampering and bribery amongst other charges.”

Richmond County GA: major communities include the City of Augusta, population 195, 844 (2010), and Fort Gordon, U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence. The racial makeup of the county is 54.2% black or African American, 39.7% white, 1.7% Asian, 0.3% American Indian, 0.2% Pacific islander, 1.3% from other races, and 2.6% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 4.1% of the population.

Teen arrests for robberies rising in DC

Precocious little monsters, aren’t they? Of course many of these "kids" will be bigger than you are. Like wrestling with a “juvenile” lion. Not to mention that the knives and guns will come out if you resist their initial attempt to execute a strong-arm robbery (always a lesser offense than an armed robbery and therefore the initial move of the robbers in many instances). If the perps start reaching into their pocket or waistband there is at least an even chance they will produce a weapon. That kind of “furtive move”, consistent with drawing a deadly weapon, is your justification to use your weapon to avoid suffering death or grievous bodily harm. It has been established by court precedent that you don’t have to wait until you actually see the gun or knife to make your play, given that action time always beats reaction time.

“Robberies in the District of Columbia have been a major crime concern for years. So much so, a year ago, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced police would form of a task force that would do nothing but investigate and prosecute the people stealing property in what are often violent assaults. But what has become clear in recent months is that a large number of these robberies are being committed by juveniles.”

Probation for straw purchase of gun used in cop shooting

Still searching for the “Great White Defendant”.

More proof of the lack of seriousness of the federal courts when it comes to enforcing existing laws prohibiting the deliverance of guns into the hands of criminals through strawman purchases from licensed dealers. This same court also sentenced a woman to probation for straw buying 10 guns for known criminals.

Train Wreck - Watch Train Smash Fed-Ex Truck

Nobody got hurt…Just good clean fun.

Dash-Cam catches train splitting Fed-Ex semi-truck in two in North Salt Lake, Utah.

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