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‘Maenads, the Demented Ones’
From Yin to Yang ISRAEL SHAMIR • JANUARY 24, 2017 • 2,400 WORDS

Hi James,

Thought you would enjoy this…

SS Sam

Sam, I do not recall having read this author before. But this is the most mythically informed, Christian viewpoint I have come across. From Yin to Yang was positively uplifting, with Israel seeming to understand what the bard who composed Beowulf was getting at. Paganism, heathenry was so vast, so varied and huge that the Hellenistic fathers of the Christian Church—in their syncretic way—were very judicious about what feminine imagery they let in from the pagan seedbed they built the church on, the church—in its catholic form being far more European pagan than Judaic—with, in my view, the Greeks understanding how many Yin Yang battlefields there were in their own mythological field. The power of the feminine image in its matronly form to motivate men was proven largely under Latin arms against the Moors, Turks [Malta, Lapento], Aztecs and Incas, and by the keen understanding by Elizabeth in her role, and the stillborn efforts of her pirate captains who sought her affection as a prize rather than her motherly approval as Victoria more effectively managed to cast herself.[1]

I think it no accident that in America, vital Christianity is largely in the hands of young churches, like the one my sister and brother-in-law literally helped build, while established churches have turned to betrayal of the current natives to remain solvent, by whoring their precincts out in federally funded efforts to transplant Islamic immigrants. I think Orpheus or Jesus would have seem this denominational patchwork of secularized Golems and new evangelist efforts for what it is, a masculine feminine tug-of-war, with a feminine victory meaning masculine conquest from without and/or moral implosion from within.

I’ve gone way off Mister Shamir's track, or rather he set me back on my own. What I took from this was a sense of relief that someone out there on the Christian side of things clearly understands how complex heathenry was and that there were many emasculating aspects of European paganism to rival the lethal materialism that has radiated from the Middle East on the backs of various profitic prophets, or should I say prophetic profits.

Good reading, Sam—take care down there on the Aryan pampas.


1. One of my assertions in A Dread Grace is that Catholicism effected a moral takeover of South and Central America through arms—masculine, yang force—and feminine syncretic means [the Virgin of Guadalupe], whereas North America was never effectively, morally transformed in a positive manner, but degraded by more modern and especially Anglicized Christianity because North American missionary work—even among Jesuits—was largely carried on as a sales pitch to female Indians [look what nice things Christianity brings] while indigenous masculine culture was clearly undermined with alcohol and betrayal from within and without. Despite guns, germs and steel the Eastern Woodland Indians held on for two hundred years, largely through adoption of whites who embraced native beliefs over the morality they were trafficked under.

Under the God of Things

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